Axton Heavy Sniper :)

(hunterthealtman) #1

This build, or something similar.
Use bekah as your primary, hopefully with a decent sight and grip if possible. Basically a marksman rifle.
-Hawkeye as sniper for longer range and make sure to use on enemies with larger critical areas. Lyuda if you can’t get that rifle.
-Norfleet if you’re down, or something similar.
-Slagga probably with a scope, it’s definitely one of my favorite weapons just not the best damage… scope helps for distance and slagging what your turrets miss… also considering using the bitch as a backup.
-Legendary soldier com
-The sham shield is my favorite because you’re a tank with a sniper rifle, try dodging enemy attacks if they aren’t using guns
-Sniper rifle damage relic, if you are playing solo, or don’t have this one switch out with your preference
-grenade is optional since people have preferences, I prefer any that pull enemies closer to get easier critical hits with bekah.
+++Switch out your hawkeye depending on the situation+++
+++Use turrets as covering fire or to keep enemies away+++

This is just my favorite build I’ve had at op 8. I was really bored of the dpuh and saw bar bee, etc… probably not the best build for every situation, especially bosses. It’s not comparable to a sniper Zero, but I’ve found it to be a fun sniper build for Axton.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #2

I would for sure change some things around to help your survive since the sham doesn’t have high capacity.

Instead of last ditch effort you’d have pressure to help the sham stay up. Replace grenadier with able for more healing. You really don’t need double up, slagga, and magic missles(or grenades in general really.) also swapped points to max quick charge which again helps the sham

(hunterthealtman) #3

Good points, I like your thinking… Im pretty sure the slagged turrets do more damage, but I haven’t played in a while. Able is a nice skill so change whatever you need to fit your preferences

(hunterthealtman) #4

Ahhh I remember! For some reason my pressure skill seemed buggy… like it only helped reloads occasionally. It sometimes slow my reload down to base speeds so I didn’t use it for reliability. Just my character though, this build can have personal touches. The main take aways are Sham, bekah and hawkeye… Plus sniper axtons aren’t that common so I like the variety.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #5

It actually lowers the turret damage, but slag bonus makes up for it

It’s based on how low your health and shield values are. When both are close to full you wouldn’t get much of a bonus

(hunterthealtman) #6

Ah, I see, good points.

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #7

Step 1: Get a Bekah.
Step 2: Rage-quit life because step 1 is impossible.


(hunterthealtman) #8

Go behind ellies garage and farm tubbies bro

(hunterthealtman) #9

I’ve gotten two, but that’s something. Spider ants are everywhere back there

(hunterthealtman) #10

Did you get a bekah yet??

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #11

Heh, nope. I’ve been through that area hundreds of times and never gotten a pearl.

(hunterthealtman) #12

That’s rough… anyone to help duplicate one for you?

(hunterthealtman) #13

Otherwise, keep killing those tubbies

(hunterthealtman) #14

Did you get the bekah my dude??

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #15

Not yet. But another couple of years of trying and it’s mine! Muah-hah-hah!