Axton is most powerful character level 50+?

looking at this guy’s skills…

much more viable than my Krieg post level 26 anyway

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Krieg is one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. Axton is good but for me just not all that great.


Axton sucks at melee. Even Maya has a skill that can buff her melee to +30% I didn’t know that.

Maya to me will always be all round strongest in this game, easily

Zer0 is probably the best all rounder actually.

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with Zero I couldn’t even get past 1st boss Flynt on UVHM

then again back then I was playing snipe/mid-range style, and only recently started using and learnt effectiveness of melee in this game

I died ALOT with Zero, and relatively breezed through with Maya. However like I said maybe things would be different now.

Power or effectiveness are often conditional. I can say this, however: Axton has some of the fastest raid boss solo times of any class, and has been used for sub 5:00 clears of Southpaw, etc. Great class, but hard to truly master. To really unlock his potential, you need to learn Tediore chucking and get your Fastball throws locked in.


Axton os a good all around character while leveling and can be a Monster for late game content with Tediore specs, as the Handsome Dad told.
Maya is Godlike for general mobbing, but suffers when Raiding.

Anyway, try Axton out and see how you feel about him.


The one life challenge as in from level 1 NVHM through OP8, was recently completed for the first time by a BL2 streamer using Axton.

Sounds great to me!

It takes a tactical mind to fully appreciate and utilise the level of power at his disposal IMO.


I found Axton to be almost hopeless in the level 51-67 range where he’s facing UVHM enemies but doesn’t yet have the full Double Up-Longbow-Gemini build.

Maya cruised through UVHM with no real problems. My Krieg has also had a much smoother run in UVHM than Axton so far.

Cheesing the fight from the vending machine should work, regardless of level or character.

I can’t see my Krieg doing TVHM no way

in-fact I’m thinking of just stopping with him, I’m basically at the end of 1st playthrough
his gun damage is simply atrocious (though I heard Krieg does have a gun build)

I can’t see the final boss being any fun with Krieg, I think I’m gonna do the cheat where you escape and then come back round and snipe him

I usually forget Gemini to get Double Up/Longbow and some damage boosts from the Gunpowder.
Or go balanced, geting the kill skills and the three gamechangers.

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Not even close.

Ironically, Krieg is much easier in TVHM compared to NVHM. In NVHM he is very difficult due to BAR being a pretty horrible action skill before being augmented by RtB. Once you get RtB and ToB he is basically unkillable and entirely self sufficient till you reach the OP levels. So just endure a little more and you will be surprised how much better he is post level 30.

By contrast, Axton is pretty straightforward in NVHM and TVHM so long you can find okay-ish gear. He gets alot more difficult come UVHM however. Without a Soldier COM you may find yourself pretty squishy - even more so if you cannot find a good shield. He also kinda lacks DPS compared to toons like Zer0, Krieg or Sal, so element matching and slag are pretty important. That said, if you are willing to farm abit, most of his top gear is pretty easy to come by.


I struggled more with Axton leveling up than most other characters (Zer0 I gave up on) with Maya, Krieg, and Salvador being easier for me to level up with.

For the most part, he is a well rounded character outside of Tediore chucking and Fastballing which is where his true strength is. He is also the only other character besides Salvador that can kill an Iron God.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Fistmaster5000 completed 1 life previously as Maya?

As such yes, but no. Fistmaster5000 was the first to secure OP8 on 1 life with Maya (huge props), but fell at Sawtooth I think, on the actual OP8 story run.

In the most recent 1 life community run through, (for charity I must add) HoudiniTM actually completed the entire thing accordingly.

Unbelievable to some, he accomplished this no mean feat with Axton!

Well worth a watch! :smile:

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yeh I’d say Maya probably still is the strongest, she is the only 1 I could beat UVHM with (with Zero I couldn’t even get past 1st boss Flynt)

myself persoanally I would say mostly due to her SMG buffs which means she has sick damage SMGs which to me become the best weapons in the game in her hands

The correct answer is Salvador.

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yeh I guess. Not very fun though, apparently. He is 1 character I haven’t played yet, doesn’t appeal much for some reason.

He takes some getting used to but is fun. He has few weaknesses and is well rounded with only a handful of bad skill such as Crisis Management.

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