Axton leveling 50-72

I found a nice spec that I’m using, it’s basically centered around the sentries. However I’m having some issues with what weapons I should be looking for. I’m not killing anything unless it’s slagged, or at least I thought until I got a shield called “The Bee”. That changed quite a few things and all of the sudden I started looking for fast hitting weapons. I’m quite new at Axton. I’ve only leveled Salvador to 72(OP4 or 5) but that was well over a year or so ago. <- this is the build I’m using, found it on this site I believe. It has worked out quite nicely but really I haven’t had anything to compare it to and since it’s the first time I’m playing Axton I wouldn’t know.

I did look through the “top” gear list and most of those weapons I haven’t even seen in the game so far. I just don’t like mobs feeling like bullet sponges, emptying several clips into one slagged mob feels a bit excessive to me. At least “The Bee” I found changed it up a bit, but it’s getting outdated by a lot. It’s still better than not having it I guess…

That’s a pretty standard build. Since you mention “50-72” I assume you’re max level yet, in which case you may find the following link helpful:

There’s a few more guides in the “Community Guides” list pinned in the top of this category that you may also want to look at as you work your way through UVHM.

The Bee shield is nice for what it does, but there are plenty of other alternatives you can use as you go. I’d suggest you try not to get too attached to any one item, as it’s a long road!
That’s the cookie cutter build

I did a leveling up guide a while back also.