Axton need a buff too!

With all of these buffs to Maya in the recent patch, I kind of feel like Axton would be benefit from some kind of buff as well. Maybe his turrets should shoot kunai?


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(Axton is fine, I like Axton)

Hey, yeah. 11/5 Sentry plus Scorched Earth, Double Up and kunai on every burst won’t be broken at all (^_~)

He took a bit of a hit for the splash on some weapons and I know there are those who felt he could have gotten some buffs as well.
I can see their point, I just wonder if it would have been more difficult to do since many of his skills aren’t ranked like Maya’s and Gaige’s are.

The only thing that needs a buff is Nuke as it is a capstone. Maybe buffing its damage to the level of the top tier Torgue grenades so a build with Gemini + Nuke would be viable and not just funny.



Or at least make it so that his grenade buffs boost nuke too, that way you can at least dial up the importance of nuke for yourself.

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Yeah. Nuke could use a buff. But instead of buffing the damage, maybe have it continuously nova while it is up. But realistically, the cooldown should be reduced by 50%. The turrets are just slagging and distractions by end game so no reason to not have them up more.

Or just make the turret count as Axton so that it gets gun damage, launcher damage etc. as opposed to right now where all it gets is the Gunner’s team RoF boost. Although doing so might take quite a bit of work.

If Nuke counted as grenade damage though I would totally run Grenadier 24/7.

Not only that, but the Turret benefiting from both axton’s damage boosts AND the Turret specific boost would unbalance things quite a bit.

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I could see Nuke getting a buff and the turrets having more health at endgame, but other than that, I don’t think Axton needs anything. He’s fine as is and pretty well balanced. Also, I don’t like the idea of giving the turrets all of Axton’s boosts. The turrets would probably kill everything around them very easily, all by themselves. The turrets aren’t supposed to be that powerful and do all the hard work for Axton, they’re there just for support and to draw aggro. I feel giving them all of Axton’s boosts would actually make them pretty OP, unbalance gameplay and truly turn Axton into the boring character people already accuse him of being.

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The patch buffed Rank Damage skills and Axton doesn’t have them


I agree about the Nuke getting a buff but what about Laser Sight as well? From what I’ve heard, this skill is not working as intended.

Forgot about Laser Sight, but I don’t know what could be done to that skill to make it better. Maybe it could make the turrets track enemies faster instead of just improving accuracy and aiming higher? I’m not entirely sure, but I think the skill actually works as intended. It’s just that the intended behavior sucks. To be completely honest, I still don’t know what Laser Sight actually does.

Considering how a single turret with Scorched Earth and maybe Double Up isn’t exactly a mob wrecker I don’t know how gamebreaking giving it at most ~139% extra damage (maybe more) would be, although it could be so with Gemini.

A big attraction of Axton early on was that his turret(s) could actually kill enemies well unlike Roland’s (Scorched Earth, one of his most advertised skills and also the only Axton skill to be represented in Claptrap’s Axton mode in TPS, is the biggest example of this), and consequently their lack of killing power in UVHM was (and still is) a big turnoff for a lot of players. I do agree with you in that their main purpose is for support, but giving the turrets more DPS potential could actually bring in more Axton players.

Perhaps an alternate solution would be to give the turrets the potential to deal lots of damage but only with specific builds (i.e. Scorched Earth/Gemini), like with Deathtrap. That way Survival players who don’t go for grenade damage can have a big damage source of their own to brag about while Gunpowder builds can still be more Axton-focused.


I like that idea better than just giving all of Axton’s boosts to the turrets. That could work. Still, I don’t think it’s needed.

It’s not needed but it’ll make Axton more attractive to the general playerbase.

Scorched Earth is already strong, the only thing Axton is needing is a buff to Nuke.
Nuke should be an AoE Fastball in my opinion. We could easily build around it.

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The Nuke would be better IMO if it applied some debuff to the enemy (or enemies), like Zer0’s Death Mark. That would kind of simulate radiation sickness or something.

Or at least a massive damage boost. That would work too.

Doesnt look like Axton. Nuke needs more EXPLOSIVE power and capital letters.

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Why not both? Debuff and EXPLOSIONS?

A debuff would give him a better chance against raids though.

Cmon guys, Turret definitely needs a buff in dmg on OP8. It cant even out-dps the enemy health-regeneration, not even with Gemini doubling the dmg. Nuke barely pokes the enemy and Double Up slag is fine but not really needed the with fast weapon-swap axton can get to slag enemies. Basically all Turret can be used for is decoy. There is a reason Axton is the least favored character.