Axton needs a new home

I am playing Borderlands 2 purchased from the Mac App store on my 27" Retina iMac. I installed all 15 Borderlands 2 DLCs via in app purchase. Currently I am level 78 as Axton.

I purchased a PS4 Pro and a 43" TV, and added 2 TB of USB storage to the PS4. I also have ps4 Remote Play working on my iMac. I purchased the Super Deluxe version of Borderlands 3 on Digital, and Borderlands 2 The Handsome Collection on Digital as well. Both work fine on Console and remote on the iMac.

I want to continue playing that BL2 Axton character which is on my iMac on my hot new PS4 pro system under Handsome Jack Borderlands 2.

My question is, how can I transfer the Axton character From my Mac, to his hot new home and continue enjoying BL2 on my PS4/TV setup?

Can you see any of your original iMac saves when playing in this mode?

IIRC the in-game cross-save function on PS was bidirectional (unlike the XBox equivalent which was one way only) - does that provide a means to get your Axton over if you can access the save using remote play?

No. The PS4 remote play is a screen-sharing session between the PS4 and iMac. The game is run entirely on the PS4 and only controlled and viewed on the Mac. It looks local enough, but it’s a remote session.

In that case there’s unfortunately no way of transferring the save without violating your console terms of use/service (and any discussion of that is strictly off-limits here.)

Thanks. Seems strange as there are many articles on how to do this very thing from a Windows PC, just not from a Mac.

Only way I can think it could be done is if you had an “extra” option on the Mac menu. From which you could upload or download a character. But I’m pretty sure it’s only available to move characters from one PS platform to another. Or maybe between xbox.

I never heard anything about moving characters from pc to consoles or vice versa.

It’s not something to be discussed here because it would violate all consoles’ terms of use/service. If either game ends up as a MS “play anywhere” title that would potentially change a little bit, but obviously only for XBox <-> Windows PC.