Axton OP8 digistruct peak run using only the Bekah

Axton is a beast. :slight_smile:


Can’t watch this now but I look forward to doing so

I’ve still have not had a Bekah drop

Excellent run through nemesis_9201, I am guessing you know the peak and its spawns well. I would never of made it through that mayhem for sure. Really enjoyed watching this…Nice one!!

Yeah, the Bekah seems like a rare gun, I have only had one drop and that was a Razor Bekah from a tubby spiderant. I`m still searching though gotta be lucky sometime soon?

Thanks! It really wasn’t that difficult to pull off due to my turrets drawing a lot of aggro and Bekah’s sheer power. I thought I did badly in certain areas and it could have been a faster run. I was also lucky not to get four assassins spawning at the same time or It would have been really difficult.

And yea, it is certainly worth it to farm for Bekah. It is a very good assault rifle, considering most assault rifles in this game are quite underwhelming in damage or hard to use. Best of luck to you in farming the Bekah and hopefully you don’t get one with the bullet speed increase prefix. :smile:

Uses Slagga. Want my money back.

Jokes aside, this is amazing!

awesome, and that with the least char i would expect that. kudos mate

Thanks. :smile:

Thanks! Axton is actually the easiest character for this run, in my opinion. I didn’t manage to complete this run with Maya or Zer0 because certain areas gave me lots of trouble.

Have you tried doing it with a spec more focused on DPS? I.E one that makes use of duty calls? And perhaps overload?

Hmmm…not really. I have to give up gemini to get duty calls which isn’t really worth it. Gemini is much more essential in this run than the 25% damage boost of duty calls. I suppose I can replace metal storm with overload but Jakobs relic already gave a huge boost to clip size and metal storm’s recoil reduction can be very helpful as well.

Ok yeah that makes sense. Nice job on the run btw.

Have you considered using a purple front line rifleman COM? It will boost the Bekah’s clip size and offer 117% damage to the Leg. Soldier’s 59% damage 25% fire rate. Leg. Soldier will do a better job of keeping your turret up, and boosts preparation, but I still think a rifleman COM would be better. Also, I would recommend pressure over grit, and it may be useful to drop a point from Crisis Management and Onslaught to max Ready. These are my recommendations, but obviously your skill/gear setup was great as is. Just thinking it might be even easier to do the DP run if you use those suggestions.

Hmm… I did consider rifleman com but I am not really sure the extra damage is better than the extra 20 seconds duration of the turret since Bekah is already a very strong weapon and Onslaught is a kill skill. The loss of points in Ready and Expertise and also the cooldown rate will also hurt performance, in my opinion.

If you are going to get Gemini, I would always recommend getting Grit. You can sacrifice points in Resourceful or Last Ditch Effort if you want to get Pressure. Grit is not an essential skill, but still an amazing skill and a glitchy one as well. It certainly procs more often than the 20% chance would suggest and can often proc several times in a row somehow. I think you can see that during one point in my video.

In my opinion, Pressure is not really that useful in a general run except for throwing Tediore gun. Due to how the calculation formula in this game works, you get diminishing return as your stats boost increase(you already get a big boost from Ready and Willing) and Pressure only works to full effect when you are very low on health.

Yeah Legendary Soldier boosts a lot of useful skills in addition to providing extra CDR, I can see why you’d want it instead. Still, 57% when onslaught is active is almost twice as much damage, and 33% is a fair bit in itself. The boost to clip size would help as well. Probably worth a try, though I see what you’re saying there.

I suppose you’re right about pressure/grit, I did see it proc a few times at one point in your video.