Axton OP8 storymode playthrough

So since the annoncement of BL3 my “borderlands mood” skyrocket…and I decided to do an OP8 storymode playthrough of the 4 character…Axton, Maya, Salvador and Zero (have already done such thing with Krieg(OP handicap run) and Gaiga(just Normal mode))…that will keep me busy until September where BL3 will get released…Thats the plan…hopefully I can complete it…
I’ll start with Axton…I’ll be posting here everytime I upload a new video…

Part 1:


Good plan what do you play on?

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thnx I’m playing on ps4


Yea i might start my own series when the summer gets rolling .


Part 2:
getting to sanctuary and freeing the firehawk

Part 3
On my way to rescue Roland…its a long episode :slight_smile:

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Part 4
meeting Tiny Tina…killing Wilhelm and finding our way to sanctuary again…

Part 5
25:30…Tubby dropped legendary pointman classmode and a perlescent Taktikal Sawbar Assault Rifle :wink:

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Part 6
Bringing back Brick and killing Jack’s doubleganger

Part 7
Tackling mission “where angels fear to tread” which IMO the hardest main mission in the game…if you kill everyone without rushing…which is exactly my style…

Part 8
Tail and Trouble mission…I think its my 2nd death in this run…Mortar he ambushed me while I was buying ammo lol…I forgot he respawn immediately when you enter this area -_-

Part 9
Data mining…the 2nd last main mission in the game…next part will be the final…

Final Part
This is the final mission…I had to redo the warrior’s fight because I deleted the recording by accident…
Handsome Jack’s fight was a tough one…never had so much trouble with him before…so surprised that I never knew that he regenerate health if you dont keep damaging him :open_mouth: