Axton pro help needed

I just had major helo getting to op8.

So now that I’m here what gear do i go after? I was using bee and sandhawk to mow down tough enemies, the stinkpot or corrosive weisenheimer for loaders and armor, and a Florentine for slag and shields.

Also for a play style that’s pretty run in and shoot, is it better to invest in damage or have two turrets to double a chance of second wind…vut in the end makes me feel like I rely on turrets too much.

There is no point for the magic missle grenade because the turret will slag, so is fast ball the best grenade then for tons of damage with or without turrets?

Not sure how to go about building for a fast kill kinda reckless build.

Any help is appreciated.


These may help. Also on the higher levels of the peak corrosive is the best option, because the flesh enemies don’t count as flesh in the peak.