Axton’s Turrets at OP 10.....Surprising!

I finally made it to OP 10 after farming Uranus for a TON of new gear. That and thank the good Lord for Torgue Tokens, Seraph Crystals and Golden Keys…

Also had to do a reset to get the usual suspects …
Swordsplosion (But the Unicornsplosion may be as good…maybe better)
Lady Fist
That alone took two days lol.

Am still not where I want to be equipment wise but getting there. I miss my Ogre!


What I have seen with my Double Slag Shielded Turrets has surprised the dickens out of me.

They are not only slagging the crap out of everything…but actually killing enemies from time to time which I just never really noticed them doing before.

I do not think the turrets are affected by the heavy damage reduction at OP 10…at all. And it especially becomes evident at that HIGHLY scaled damage level. And now with the extra skill points I can fully spec TWO turrets…even more fun.

It has been a nice surprise because OP 10 is no joke!


Turrets and DT are supposed to scale with OP content, which means the turrets should be level 90 which means they should have no damage reduction.


Let me guess… :thinking:
You play on console. :slight_smile:

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I thought as much. I remember reading somewhere that Nuke is not affected by the OP levels damage reduction and assume that the same was happening here.

Thanks for confirming!


Hahahah, right? As a pc player I think the thing that I most consider hitting the mod for is a “DeathTrap scales like console” mod.


Nah, I am. PC guy but only play with gear I have earned legit although I save file quit to get multiple copies like Sandhawks or best parts versions.


I am resetting the Arenas or making a run in the Time Trials where I will need absolutely maxed gear in order to compete. Or testing something. Then I freely admit to using “the software”.

But normal game play I only use what I have found as it just doesn’t feel “sporting” to me otherwise.


All the better. That’s good for everyone then.

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Oh, no, they meant that the Turrets and DT only scale properly on Console.


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Oh…I think I missed a lot of points here…

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Not that it “only scaled properly on console” but it was found out that the console turret base damage (and some other things (DT) if not mistaken.) is higher on console than on PC.

First glance it’s looking as the OP scaling is bringing the PC turret back to “relevant damage”.

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What I had read, and mind you, I just only have what I’ve stumbled across, is that on Console, DT and the Turrets leveled up with the rest of the AI. So. At OP 1, DT and the turrets were level 73. Which means they didn’t suffer from Damage Reduction, and also had higher base damage.

That’s what I came to understand, anyway. Apparently, PC didn’t do that. When the UCP was made, they altered that.


Also, take a look here:

Pick a playthrough/level and switch between PC and console, and see how the turret and Deathtrap numbers differ. In short, they do more damage on console except in early NVHM pretty much.

This was something I was hoping would be addressed in the patch to the vanilla game that came out along with the new DLC, but alas no. :frowning: (That patch, however, did roll up all the remaining hotfixes that would load up on game start, so they’re all hard coded in now.)


Interesting. That’s such a weird thing to have differ. It’s probably also still the scaling algorithm or something. Maybe you on Console they just lumped DT and Turrets into the enemy scale data to save space but tried to keep them separate on pc and then kinda forgot they did that? Seems a bit glaring of an oversight, honestly. But I’d rather this be a bug than a feature.


I just don’t know for sure. But I do know the Turrets “seem” much more effective at OP 10 then they did at 80…at least to me.

I also am pretty sure that Nuke on the PC is not affected by OP damage reduction and actually became a skill people considered because of knockback AND actual initial damage.

Unfortunately this is seven-year-old memory kicking in lol.