Axton song share thread

Since Krieg has his own song thread I figured I’d start an Axton one too, even if I’m 5 months late.

I guess I’ll start with a reference to everyone’s favorite Axton speed raid tactic:

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I reckon some Thrash Metal wouldn’t go amiss for Axton. Or some Nu Metal. Maybe Rammstein.

It’s a little on the obvious side, but this is what I usually have in my head when I’m running Axton:

Maybe this one?

Or this one for an explosive Axton? :wink:

I don’t know. I’ll get back to this thread soon.

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I can think of a few. Not necessarily thrash metal, but certainly some hard rock or classic metal wouldn’t be out of place:


Good call on Fortunate Son. Perfect fit.

I think both of these songs from Metallica’s Reload album work great with Axton. The music and the lyrics on both of them fit Axton’s style, backstory and personality perfectly, specially “Attitude”. Plus, they’re both from an album called “Reload” and we all know how that can relate to Axton. By the way, since we’re talking about “chucking” things, how about this one:

Yup. I think I found the perfect theme for my Tediore Axton. XD


We need some Motörhead in this thread:

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For Axton, “1601”, by Burning the Day:

I think this one fits to his personality:

And these two to his playstyles:

Faith No More - Surprise You’re Dead

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A bit darker…
Different game and different time…

But fits soldiers, trust me…

And Mad World is just…a classic…


This should fit Axton

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Anytime I hear that song I have flashbacks of that commercial, loved Gears of War.


I know its from a different series but I always liked this one.

Not actually a song, and yes I did post this in the Axton appreciation thread, but idc