Axton sound like Axton?

No way…

Has to be a different voice actor…

Axton’s voice was deeper, clearer and he definitely sounded like a soldier…a grunt.

This Axton just is not memorable.

At least to me…

This should be in the general section because it has no relation to Moze.

I only hear the “introduction line” as I didn’t buy Arms Race yet. In fact, I hear it all the time I board Sanctuary III. :expressionless:
But yeah. It strike me the very first time. Doesn’t sound like Axton at all.


Here’s my thinking on this:

  1. You’re probably right.

  2. Given that…you don’t add anything to this thread with your post…send me a PM if you want to discuss thread placement.

  3. Axton’s was the “soldier” in Borderlands 2. Axton players gravitate toward Moze. I know I did.

  4. Does it really matter?

  5. The mods are welcome to move it if they feel they need to and it appears they did…

There’s nothing to discuss any further because it was already moved. And FYI, I only played Axton in 2.

That doesn’t mean you should put a topic specifically about him in Moze’s section just because they were both soldiers. So yes, it does matter.


The very first thing I noticed when I started the DLC was - WTF is with Axton’s voice? I know in the time between BL2 and BL3 he supposedly went off and became a model/actor or something, but why did his voice change so materially?

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OK…to-may-toe… to-mah-toe…

So if you only played Axton in BL2, what is your take on his voice in this DLC?


Waaay different?


Did not notice?

Work with me here…

Sort of sounds the same, but it’s definitely a different VA.

Robert McCollum was the voice actor for Axton in BL2.

He is not credited for Axton on his IMDB page for this latest release (yet?).


I will buy you a beer if that voice on the DLC is his…

My bet…

They saved themselves a few bucks and went…cheaper. Or McCollum was unavailable because of the Pandemic.

“And you get a bullet…
And YOU get a bullet…
EVERYBODY gets a bullet!”

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I THINK this is his personal FB page. Looks like no mention of Designer’s Cut.

His fan page mentions it, but doesn’t mention him.

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If that is the same Axton voice actor from BL2 and TPS, that is some kind of voice - and voice direction - change.

The only legitimate “lore” reason I could think of for this change would be that Axton went off to become a “model” (or whatever) and then he became all PR polished or something.

But honestly, Axton and Sal’s interchanges during Arms Race are pretty ■■■■■■■ funny sometimes.

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