Axton starting UVHM


With a thread necromancy warning literally two posts up… :wink: This is getting kind of amusing, actually.


Did someone say Thread necromancy?!

How is Axton going for ya anyway on UVHM now?


As I recall, he’s 64-65, cruising along with no problems, though about to outgrow my beloved Godfinger (which is 62 as I recall). Haven’t been playing BL2 lately, though obviously I do keep an eye on the forum. :slight_smile:

The key for me (as I’ve said in many other threads) was switching from Double Up first to Gemini first. The second turret was incredibly valuable as additional distraction, and having to manually slag is no big deal with the Slagga and excellent swap speed.

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take any and all points out of Duty Calls skill to use elsewhere

1st rule for Axton in UVHM :grin:

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