Axton, the engineered ogre build (op8) "its all ogre now"

Hi all, just finished running this build on the campaign (op8), I hope you like it. You can do the whole campaign with the ogre, a few places needed the dpuh, the warden, constructers, and the warrior. Those were the only 3 places I needed it. I think I also used it on big bertha and mad mike, but cant remember :frowning:

Gear: ogre, dpuh, blockade, the bee, magic missle, the legendary engineer and explosive relic 39%. I like to run/test these kinds of builds, limited/exclusive gear :slight_smile: Forgot to mention a grog and chain for near instant healing.

Here’s the build:

Axton the engineered ogre, he says “its all ogre now” :slight_smile:

1 point in able for 6/5 and 4 in grenadier works as well, you could also spec 5 into sentry for 10/10, then use those other 4 points between able and grenadier.


Having recently lvl my Axton to 72 I am looking for a lvl 72 Ogre, if you are willing to help or trade, can’t seem to get one myself, just bad luck.

My GT: babrouge391

Thanks and great build as well, will give it a try for my play style.

Why no Able? Not even 1 point to get 6/5?

hey hd, I guess 1 point in able to get 6/5 is cool as well. I don’t much worry about health skills as I grog and chain, forgot to mention that in the original post :(. Will edit now…

No worries. I may be the biggest fan of Able on the board, so it threw me. That + shield skills and Preparation make for very fast regen. I typically go 5/5 Able and Preparation, with one getting to 10/5 via class mod. That’s a very nice set up for no Moxxi Peak runs, or even for staying on the gun to dispense death instead of swapping.