Axton the Neglected

Hello again, it’s me… again! Over the past few weeks you’ve seen me here as Krieg and then Sal, well I have some interesting information for you. Axton is my lowest level character at a lowly 38. He’s started TVHM but I can’t remember where he’s up to, I seem to think maybe rescuing Roland. Now I didn’t stop playing as him because it was too hard, IIRC I wasn’t having any massive trouble with him.

His turrets, while not really my kind of action skill (never liked Roland for the same reason), are certainly useful for aggro and slag. I got the idea from his skill trees that I should really be focusing on grenades and explosive weapons, a little like Krieg, is this right? I wonder who the Axton experts are here! I know of Demonite from his collaboration with Derch.

Anyhow, my build at 38 is, and for no real reason so feel free to tell me i’m stupid, this:

Using a purple Impact Rifleman COM that boosts Impact +4, Onslaught +3 and Battlefront +3. Weapons are a level 37 Stabbing Root, 37 DPUH and 37 Lascaux, with a Gunstock Longarm (38) in the backpack. Also a corrosive plasma caster that I can’t use yet due to it being level 39.

Shield is just a random green turtle shield because i’ve found nothing better yet, longbow tesla grenade and Moxxi’s Endowment for obvious reasons.

Any and all advice is welcome, I feel like I want to pick him up and advance him a bit soon.

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Last ditch effort, grit, mag-lock, and as many grenades as the game will let you carry. My husband’s Axton is terrifying. So I recommend those but the experts may say othereise.


All advice is welcome, seriously :slight_smile: thanks for the input. I have no hesitations about respec’ing him, in fact I expect to need it!


I like this a tad better…

You should be fine with grenades without Granadier for the most part and…Able gives up a lot of help in a pinch from Crisis Management. Others may like Able but it’s a skill I rarely invest in…just too insignificant of a boost.

Fill out Preparation next…it is excellent…especially with Tank Shields…and the Health boost is far better than Able…at least to me.

Next Metal Storm
Then 4 in Battlefront
Then Longbow
Then Do or Die
Then finish Battlefront
Then Steady if you want to stick with explosive/grenades/splash
Then Pressure
Then probably Phalanx shield
Then Quick Charge…especially if you stay with Tank shields
Then Resourceful

After that…Kinda experiment and see what you like


Thanks for the information. I went into Able because anything health is a reflex for me when i’m starting out, but I do understand what you’re saying so I will take those 5 points and use them elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Not an “expert” but I have 2000 hours with Axton so I know him a bit.

I think that approach is excellent! It is just not not how I would do it…But especially Normal and TVHM…that approach is certainly viable. Once you hit UVHM…you almost HAVE to have the slag from Double Up to have maximum effect.[quote=“KitRyu, post:2, topic:1559932, full:true”]
Last ditch effort, grit, mag-lock, and as many grenades as the game will let you carry. My husband’s Axton is terrifying. So I recommend those but the experts may say otherwise.


I think this should be better :

Since you’re still in TVHM, you don’t need Slag, so just speccing into Battlefront, Metal Storm and Impact will give you some damage. After that, just go down the Guerilla tree and then spec into Double Up.


You know, this never even crossed my mind, and you are of course absolutely correct. This is really why I ask you guys, because I make so many mistakes :smiley:


Good catch…Totally agree…you do not need slag in TVHM and Normal…your build is better for those modes…much better.

I rarely play at those levels anymore and get stuck on the beast that UVHM is and tend to fixate on slag because in UVHM slag is everything!


Also…one other point…

Once you get to UVHM and the ability to get into a Double Up/Gemini capability…

Do not discount it ESPECIALLY for team, coop play

Slag is everything in UVHM…and Double Slag Turrets that both slag and aggro are just the cat’s meow for a team.

Yes…you give up some personal DPS…but the 3X slag bonus more than makes up for it…especially with teammates.


It’s fine mate, you’re still learning :smiley: ! If you have other questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

100% agree, Gemini + Double Up (and maybe a Legendary Engineer if you really want to concentrate on that) is very good since it’ll give you some direct DPS through Battlefront and Scorched Earth, and indirect DPS as well since they will Slag enemies for you and hold enemies still to keep you out of trouble as well as having nice opportunities for scoring critical hits (and remember, as @Derch says : Accuracy = Damage. This is important.)

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Yeah…I love all the guys with math formulas and DPS conjectures up the ying yang…

(hey. I’m just jealous…was never good with math…LOL)

but anyway…

There is a HUGE difference between theoretical DPS and ACTUALLLY ACHIEVED DPS

Accuracy being a huge factor in this.

no hittee the target…no DPSee…kind of that simple.

My favorite in this is the Interfacer. HUGE DPS potential! However…you have to literally be at one of the two “sweet spots” for that weapon, where all pellets converge…and have decent aim to get that DPS. And just try to do that in a running fight with all heck breaking loose around you… Almost always…it is far outperformed in actual DPS achieved by the old standby and far more forgiving Conference Call.


I understand. I never was a fan of the Interfacer. Sure it’s great for specific scenarios but all the effort to get it vs. how useful it is? Not worth it. I like the Butcher, though many hate that.


After you get comfortable with Axton…try the new Unofficial Community Patch…

Butcher’s in it got even better

And so did about 200 other things that NEEDED improvement at the game’s highest levels to just even be viable.

And so did Axton…nice changes to his skills as well.

For instance, Ranger is now “almost” worthy of it’s namesake…LOL

"Rangers lead the way!"

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Sadly i’m on console, so i’m stuck with the official patches only.


Understand…total shame Sony and Microsoft are so tied up with profits that they don’t see the potential for even MORE profits by allowing customization and the consumer to have EVEN MORE FUN!


but it is what it is…

While I agree, I can’t really complain about a lack of fun considering here I am, still playing a game that I first played in 2012 and I am doing so with, if anything, more enthusiasm than at the start! :smiley:

More modern games have come and gone, yet here I am, still playing this game :smiley:


Agree…amazing at the longevity of this game!

And literally up to 20K players at any one time sill worldwide…and that is just the Steam numbers.

Meaning possibly 60K players at any given time world wide still playing a 4 year old video game!

And with the short attention span of today and the fast pace of life and always “the next big thing” garnering attention…

BL2 is just an amazing feat!

When all was said and done…I probably spent about 100 bucks on BL2 with additional content…etc.

My Steam hours on it are now at 3712…I know my math skills are not good but let’s see…that’s a little less than 3 cents an hour for entertainment!

Pretty good bang for the buck…LOL

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I’d say maybe even more than that. Think that when the newer consoles came out, they released The Handsome Collection which made the game so much smoother and better for us console peasants :stuck_out_tongue: field of view slider has made it impossible for me to go back and play the 360 version ever again, it’s like i’m running on the spot when I sprint.

Add to that the fact that Borderlands 2 was available for free last month to Xbox Gold users, it may have similarly been available on PSN at some point ( don’t know but probably), it could easily still be 100k players. Amazing.

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It can be if you build that way. Though until you have Battlefront Axton is no better with grenades/explosives than, say, Maya or Zero.

The skill tree I’d recommend at that level is this. I’m not going to give up Able for anything. :slight_smile: At least one point in Preparation for the out of combat regen. Then work towards Longbow as you’re currently doing. Then grind toward Gemini if you can get that far - you won’t get it until 68 (assuming one point in Battlefront to be boosted by a COM), and levels 51-67 suck without it.

Someone in the “What did you do in your most recent session?” thread is working toward the Double Up/Gemini build from the other direction, Gemini then Longbow then Double Up. As others here have mentioned, it seems nuts to face UVHM without the slag turret, but it seems to work for them…

You’ll want a cooldown relic instead of Moxxi’s Endowment for obvious reasons. :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for a nice blue Engineer COM with Sentry & Battlefront, if you can find one. That made a big difference with my Axton.