Axton the Neglected

Understand…total shame Sony and Microsoft are so tied up with profits that they don’t see the potential for even MORE profits by allowing customization and the consumer to have EVEN MORE FUN!


but it is what it is…

While I agree, I can’t really complain about a lack of fun considering here I am, still playing a game that I first played in 2012 and I am doing so with, if anything, more enthusiasm than at the start! :smiley:

More modern games have come and gone, yet here I am, still playing this game :smiley:


Agree…amazing at the longevity of this game!

And literally up to 20K players at any one time sill worldwide…and that is just the Steam numbers.

Meaning possibly 60K players at any given time world wide still playing a 4 year old video game!

And with the short attention span of today and the fast pace of life and always “the next big thing” garnering attention…

BL2 is just an amazing feat!

When all was said and done…I probably spent about 100 bucks on BL2 with additional content…etc.

My Steam hours on it are now at 3712…I know my math skills are not good but let’s see…that’s a little less than 3 cents an hour for entertainment!

Pretty good bang for the buck…LOL

I’d say maybe even more than that. Think that when the newer consoles came out, they released The Handsome Collection which made the game so much smoother and better for us console peasants :stuck_out_tongue: field of view slider has made it impossible for me to go back and play the 360 version ever again, it’s like i’m running on the spot when I sprint.

Add to that the fact that Borderlands 2 was available for free last month to Xbox Gold users, it may have similarly been available on PSN at some point ( don’t know but probably), it could easily still be 100k players. Amazing.

It can be if you build that way. Though until you have Battlefront Axton is no better with grenades/explosives than, say, Maya or Zero.

The skill tree I’d recommend at that level is this. I’m not going to give up Able for anything. :slight_smile: At least one point in Preparation for the out of combat regen. Then work towards Longbow as you’re currently doing. Then grind toward Gemini if you can get that far - you won’t get it until 68 (assuming one point in Battlefront to be boosted by a COM), and levels 51-67 suck without it.

Someone in the “What did you do in your most recent session?” thread is working toward the Double Up/Gemini build from the other direction, Gemini then Longbow then Double Up. As others here have mentioned, it seems nuts to face UVHM without the slag turret, but it seems to work for them…

You’ll want a cooldown relic instead of Moxxi’s Endowment for obvious reasons. :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for a nice blue Engineer COM with Sentry & Battlefront, if you can find one. That made a big difference with my Axton.


There is a beginners guide thread that talk about specs and where to spend your skill points. It is an overall unfinished guide, but the skill section is done iirc. See if I can get the link !

Edit: found it.

It is not absolute, but gives you three ways to spec through TVHM. Hope it can help.


@Enderborn1 Took me a while, I got distracted with peak stuff with Sal and Maya. It’s Axton’s time now, I went with your build except I moved one point for now

What is more important next? Filling out Battlefront or Onslaught? Or something else?

Now, just spec full Onslaught and spec 4 points into Able to get to Double Up.
After that, you should spec into the Survival Tree. Quick Charge, Resourceful and Gemini are skills that you’ll learn to love one you get them. Grit is nice, but it’s RNG based which I don’t like very much (even if I love Silence the Voices :joy:)
Your final build should look like this :

Very turret based, but if you’re able to get a Bone of the Ancients/Proficiency Relic and a Legendary Soldier/Engineer COM you’re not gonna notice the Cooldown Rate.

Silence the Voices RNG element is a chance to not hit the enemy though, which is preferable to a small chance to do something positive :slight_smile:

Plus i’m all for turret heavy, I like making use of that which makes each class unique, so for him it’s turrets. They just seem amazing at taking aggro from you. More so that DT does.

@Enderborn1 Sorry to bug you again, is there a way to rebuild this for some health regen of some kind until I can at least get a Rubi?

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If you want to go for Health Regeneration, then go for something like this :

The Legendary Engineer is definitely your best bet for the kind of build you want. It boosts your turret’s efficiency while boosting DPS skills such as Impact and Battlefront and boosts Able as well.
For your gear, go for an Adaptive Shield, possibly the Neogenator or the Evolution if you can farm for them because they also give you more health and health regeneration. Otherwise, a purple Adaptive Shield should do the work just fine. You can spec out of Pressure, it’s just me ^^

It’s fine dude, I’m more than honored to help you out :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean Health Regen at 72, I meant literally now at 39. I’m finding Bloodshot pretty tough going (although I did have one of those satisfying instant second wind experiences with Mad Mike).

Also Onslaught is amazing. It’s like Sal’s Incite, if Incite was a kill skill and not a take damage skill. Love the added movement speed.

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Your best bet for Health Regen at your level is Able, you can also try to find a Pointman COM to get some more Health Regen. Preparation is also good for healing between fights.
Just remove one point from Ready, and put it into Able.

This is my trouble. Prior to my respec (to mimic your advised build) I had Able, and now I don’t. I was wondering why everything seemed harder all of a sudden :smiley:

Able or Preparation for healing. Use the points from Willing.
Transfusion grenades also help.

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Then try this, Reload Speed isn’t too big of an issue :smile:

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you :smiley: that was literally what I was doing when I saw the notification :slight_smile:

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Is it just me, or is the wording of Steady a bit strange? If taken literally, it seems to suggest it also reduces damage done by grenades and rocket launchers?

Anyhow, I did some jiggery-pokery with the build, i’m very close to hitting level 40 so I built this, because as soon as I used Onslaught, I decided I wanted 5/5 in it. Next point can go wherever, probably Able so I can get to Double Up. Is this the best plan?

Steady : Reduces Recoil with all gun types, as well as Grenade Damage and Rocket Launcher Damage.
It is xD

And your build seems very ok, hope you don’t have trouble anymore :smiley:

the longevity is largely due to how much content this game has

they hit the memory limit for the 360 and ps3 otherwise i think gear box would have kept it going

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Here is a clip of Arthur (as he’s named) dealing with a pesky Constructor with a penchant for friend theft.