Axton & the Norfleet?

Is it possible to get without help? Or gunzerker needed? I just can’t seem to get it. I’ve gotten close but that doesn’t necessarily mean one of the invincibles would even drop it… Anyways any help would be appreciated…
Laterz… Blitzer850 xbox

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Well it is possible to get it, but soloing raid bosses can be a pain. You may want to post your build (use this site then copy-paste the link into your post). There are plenty of Axtonishingly knowledgeable folks around who may be able to help tweak your build.

Second, if you want in-game help, just post in the relevant on-line section, being sure to include your on-line handle and your time zone:


Yeah I use several builds. But I guess few more can’t hurt. I’ve left bl2 & returned so many times I’ve lost count. Been playing since release. Lost all my backups due to Xbox bl2 glitch then started over & backed up the bckup to thumbdrive lmao

Just got burned out, so I guess I’m ready for more pain. I’ll check the links out…

Thanks again…

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