Axton Tree Skill build: Turrets Are Batter Then Wives

This is my own tree build for him and no, I don’t know what weapons I will go with for this class. I would like to here what you guys think of it and if there are any guns you would think would go great with this
With this build, I get the best Turret with it rockets, shield and a nuke. With some skill to help Axton to stand on his own.

You can take the points out of laser sight completely and put them elsewhere. What COM where you pairing this with? Not sure the 1 point Quick Charge is worth it unless there’s a +5 boost to go with it.

Might want to take a look at these posts, especially the last one for gear suggestions:
Ranger as a skill doesn’t scale well, even with a L. Ranger com and if all of your weapons aren’t N.E. it’s not worth it to take Duty Calls IMO. I’m assuming you’ll be using a L. Soldier com for this, otherwise I’d take the point from Health and put it on either Phalanx Shield or Mag Lock. Sounds like you want to go with rockets and explosive grenades with this build so maybe a blue Grenadier class mod would work as well. A Big Boom Blaster shield sounds tailor made for this, or maybe a blast proof version of any shield so you don’t blow yourself up. Check the Axton best weapon section for ideas on the weapons you want to use with this.

Quite a good build, but have to agree with @VaultHunter101 and @Carlton_Slayer.

Also, OP, could you correct the spelling mistakes in the build name? You’ve got the A and the E in the wrong words.

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Maybe he meant to say battier? :dukewhistle: