Axton vs. OP8 Vora?

  1. Does anyone know how the Tediore chuck kill works? I’ve been trying it out for the past couple of days, and I never seem to do enough damage to him. Is there a walkthrough somewhere I’m missing?

  2. Is there any way for Axton to beat this fight without the use of the Pointman health gate trick?

  3. Is there even a use for our turret in this fight beyond the first few seconds? It seems like Vora one-shots it with pretty much anything.

  1. Shoot once, then throw. Shoot once, then throw. You want as big of a mag as possible for the biggest boom. Go for a Hefty (damage) or Refill (reload speed) prefix and bandit grip if you can.
  2. If you have Gemini and phalanx, you can sometimes pin him against the wall to the right of the entrance as you’re entering the arena (the one with vending machines).