Axton vs saturn v2 no beehawk

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So, trying to complete my final solo run in digipeak as Axton on ps4. I don’t like to rely on quest rewards while going through the peak. My grenade build has been going through op levels like a fat kid in a cookie store. I use a hornet, Harold, nozzle, and switch between a corrosive tediore PC, a hellfire, a Florentine, and a badaboom for the last weapon. Explosive relic, a bone in each flavor, big boom blaster sheild, bee sheild. Fastball, magic missiles, storm front and bonus package. I feel pretty well geared up.

And then.

Saturn(s). I know I can just beehawk them, but I don’t like the idea of getting half way through CPT scarlets for an op7 sandhawk. But then again sometimes you’ve just got to do things like that.

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Hmm That might do the trick. goes to YouTube

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+1 to the flakker idea.

Do you not possibly have a lower level sandhawk somewhere? Because the bee is the only component where the damage matters. Additionally you if you don’t want to trek through at OP7, speed run the dlc in normal mode for the sandhawk.

Otherwise just grab an smg/ar and use the bee with it instead, it’ll still do the job and you can always retreat to the vendor and buy ammo there.

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Or try the (in)famous InfiniBee combo, if you don’t mind strapping down your thumb to the fire trigger for a while :wink:

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I might have a low level hawk somewhere but I doubt it’s corrosive with Dahl stock. (I only farm for components at op8.) you mentioned going through at level 30. I don’t want to have to reset, and I still don’t have proper op8 sandhawks, so I planned on doing that with him once I’m op8. But alas, that’s the nature of the game. I’m sure I could just use one of my other smgs, and possibly change my build a bit.

I guess I ask because everyone I see gets to Saturn and does the same thing. And I just like to be different.

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even a non corrosive non dahl stock sandhawk is good, remember the reason the sandhawk is the weapon of choice is that it puts out 7 unlisted pellets per shot, that’s still 21 unlisted pellets per burst without dahl stock. Corrosive and Dahl stock are both bonuses but they’re cherries on top of the already extravagant power that is 20+unlisted pellets per trigger pull.

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A non double penetrating unkempt Harold would work well with the bee

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So Flakk it…:wink:

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Since it’s the Bee that does the real damage in this combo, the level of the Sandhawk isn’t all that important. It will still have the same number of pellets, and each of those are amp buffed. You could use one that’s level 30, and it would still work. But if your Bee goes down… :rofl: tickle-tickle-tickle

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The Hornet or Harold with a Bee would do.

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Alright so I was able to do it fairly easy with a purple non e-tech tediore fairly quickly. I made some changes to my build, abandoning Gemini for both nuke and double up. And also picked up sentry. Now using leg soldier as main computer,
with leg ranger with the bee and grenadier when storefronts are active, or when I need to artificially drop my nade count to 1/3 to weight the game to give me more.

Compared to the op7 corrosive “refill PC” an op7 “hefty green” outshines it with the bee. This is a testament to the fact that when using the bee, your gun isn’t a gun but a “bee delivery system” both weapons have a fire rate of 8.3 with reloads of 1.8 and 1.2 respectively, however the hefty green outshines the refill PC in mag size with 33, while the refill PC has 56, it consumes two ammo per shot, the PC is the better chucking weapon but with the bee not so much. 10 extra rounds really did the trick.

I almost didn’t even get to him because in the room before the assassins where the doc mercy’s spawn, a surveyor got stuck somewhere off the map behind the door. I tried luring him out with my turret, but no luck, so I brought in a mule, specked him with nuke and longbow, and was able to wake him up and kill him.

I did defeat the regular, op7 Saturn in the boneyard with the flanker and was impressed, I did go down more than I like however. Once I’m out of the peak and have a better understanding of the weapon, I will definetly be playing more with it.

However in the area before omgwth two UBA surveyors downed me and flew away. It’s been a night. My run wasn’t successful but your advice will certainly help me, and already has. Thanks y’all.

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Found a video of Joltz using pretty much the same gear and build. Uses a Lyuda on Saturn.

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Looks like you’re going to have the OP7 completed soon. I ran through this thread and I always love seeing all the help and advice given and then the results of such advice. Love this community too much. :blush:

edit: Given my post is 3 months later, did you ever get to OP8? @Mcore

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I did. And I got him there with a Lyuda XD. Had to take a break for a while and had to sell off my PS4, but I still have access too it, working on uploading my saves to my ps4 pro now. Currently working on my jack (tps) and farming a bekah in bl2.