Axton vs Tinder Snowflake. Level 51 to 72

I reached level 51.5 after completing the Mercenary Day missions in UVHM. From this point I farmed the Snowman. 251 times. I wouldn’t recommend this. I realised it would be tedious at times, but now it’s over I’m glad I stuck to it. I only kept track of red text items. I picked up & kept excellent purple items.

Weapons used;
Bee shields at 48, 52, 54, 61 and 62
50 Fire Lyuda, 58 E-tech Vladof AR, 60 Non-elemental Sandhawk, 65 Fire Conference Call and 67 Sawbar.
50 Moxxi’s Endowment 7.2% 61 Moxxi’s Endowment 8.1%

Farming results;
51 (6 times) -
52 (11) Deadly Bloom, Bee
53 (11) Gub
54 (11) Bonus Package, Ledge Siren
55 (11) Pandemic, WTF
56 (12) Nasty Surprise
57 (11) Deadly Bloom
58 (12) Rolling Thunder, Cradle, Ledge Soldier, Quasar, Ledge Mech
59 (12) Bunny, Ledge Soldier
60 (12) Ledge Soldier, Ledge Soldier
61 (12) Fabled Tortoise, WTF, Ledge Mech
62 (12) Impaler, Ledge Soldier, Ledge Psycho, Bonus Package, Sham (78%), WTF,
Ledge Siren
63 (13) -
64 (12) Quasar, Ledge Soldier
65 (13) Ledge Psycho, Bonus Package, Ledge Mech, Nukem
66 (12) Ledge Soldier, Bouncing Bonny, Ledge Soldier, Rolling Thunder

At this point I had 441 of that there rid-rock, so I took it to Flamrock Refuge and spent it in the slots, getting nothing of note.

67 (13) Ledge Siren, Volcano, Leech, Ledge Siren, Ledge Soldier x3
68 (14) Tunguska, Ledge Hunter, Ledge Soldier, Ledge Soldier, Rolling Thunder, Maggie
Fastball, Ledge Soldier, Ledge Psycho, Bouncing Bonny, Bearcat
69 (13) Neogenator, Ledge Psycho, Ledge Soldier, Ledge Hunter
70 (14) Quasar, Ledge Siren, Ledge Soldier, Neogenator, Fabled Tortoise, Rolling Thunder
71 (14) Ledge Psycho, Pandemic, Mongol, Transformer

70 / 251 = 27.88% chance of a red text item
From 62;
49 / 130 = 37.70% chance.


Is this just from Snowflake or is it also the chests?

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The chests on the train.

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awesome idea, i will do the same and compare results


Lately I’ve been trying a few different things. I levelled up a character (Maya number 4) from 62 to 72 only farming LLMs in the WEP. Starting from the annex door, checking outside for P&T.

I’ve started Maya #5. When I get to UVHM I’m going to complete the story, then complete The Good The Bad and the Mordecai, and then do tubby/gettle runs from Ellie’s yard. I should be 56/57 when I start there. I was mildly disappointed during the WEP runs that although I got 4 pearls, I didn’t get a Bekah. Then I read up on it… so hence the tubby runs idea.