Axtons Expertise skill and a shotgun

Weird title, I know. Here’s my question. I respected my Axton and maxed out his Expertise skill… I am in love with the faster reloading and weapon swap speed. But. When aiming down the sights, he moves MUCH faster with a shotgun equipped. It’s a Hyperion, a Practical Thinking. He moves faster while aiming down the sights then he does regular walking (not running). The only difference between it and my other weapons is it doesn’t have a scope. It’s just odd. He doesn’t go as fast with a pistol, assault rifle, or sniper rifle… But I pull out that Shogun and aim and he books it. Is this nornal? Could it be because it doesn’t have a scope?

I believe it’s because it’s scopeless. You can get the same thing while using an Interfacer, which cannot spawn with a scope.

Axton has a speed glitch that I don’t think has been addressed- it’s easier to do on a PC than on consoles though from what I’ve heard. I know it involves ADS but more than that, you might want to check the usual info sources like Youtube…

From the wiki:
“The movement speed only takes effect when aiming down the weapon’s sights.
The Greed pistol and the Interfacer shotgun prevent movement loss when aiming. With several points in Expertise, Axton can actually move faster than sprint speed while using these weapons. This is especially pronounced with a maxed out Expertise with the Slayer of Terramorphous or Legendary Soldier mods.”

Not sure why it would work with a Thinking tho.

It was a scope less thinking. I found one WITH a scope and it doesn’t seem to go as fast. Guess I’ll make sure to use scoped guns.

I knew there was some kind of speed glitch with Axton, but I always thought it was more pronounced, like run faster than a car fast, but oh well. Not trying to be glitchy anyway. Still nice to know though.