AZERTY keybind - too much problem to sumarise in a title

First problem is the AZERTY key bind in the menu.
There is already a post about that, but seems nobody care, so I guess make a new one is not that useless…

to “fix” this first problem, I installed a QWERTY Windows keyboard and I switch the the Qwerty Windows keyboard when I play.
But I just found I can’t drive vehicle when I’m on a QWERTY keyboard.
For some reason the “W” key (When I’m on QWERTY) is set to the “Z” position of a QWERTY keyboard … That’s completely unplayable in vehicle.

Here is a screen of my keybinds :
Walking works fine but I can’t drive with the exact same keybinds …

So to drive I have to have AZERTY keybind for vehicle and have an AZERTY Windows keyboard
And to walk/access menu, I have to have a QWERTY keybing and have a QWERTY WIndows keyboard.

That’s so wrong on so many levels, this need to be fixed quickly, pls.


I’ve been eyeballing they keybind issues since launch, I’ve been burned by too many games not offering proper rebinding. Likely never going to get fixed, so it looks like I won’t ever play Borderlands 3.