B0 and Arr0's arms to Call ( random, silly forum)

I’ll keep the request short, cause it’s a stupid one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but…
…Dear Gearbox could you please please please release a “Call” sniper (and maybe a shotgun to) like the king/queens call and the rowans call (luciana call) . Something like the weddings invitation or the ice queen ( but that works on m4)
I put shotgun in brackets cause I know theres the conference call which I use but it doesnt have an alien barrel and the same for lucians call

Because there isn’t much happening till late march Ive been messing around with random builds and giving them lil back stories.
My favourite one that I keep going back to is as the heading tells “B0 and Arr0’s arms to Call” I main fl4k(Arr0) and gunslinger jabber(B0).

They are the crit hitting duo on the hunt for rare alien materials for their employer’s the Jacob’s to help build their new alien tech guns. After gathering enough rare material to infuse a handgun and assault rifle the team leave Eden-6 in search of more vaults and rare materials to infuse his trusty shotgun “Emporer”('s Call) and sniper “Assasin”('s Call):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:(a couple of ideas there)

I’ll ask my question now cause I’ve typed more than I thought. I know people do random builds like this but my question is, is there something your missing for the finishing touches, the cherry on top, like me and my call sniper and what would you like ? :blush: sorry for the long txt

I assume you’re also using a Ghast Call grenade?


Unfortunately I cleared my bank when the level cap came in and never got it from the broken hearts event but I will be when I get it again, it’s good for procing crits for fl4k so would be a nice addition

I must have misread that because it sounded like you claimed the wedding invitation isn’t good enough for m4, that would have been silly to say though.

I will say a shotty with bullets that home back to the original target would rock.

Yup you did misread it, I said like the weddings invitation

The blue sniper you get from Aurelia but cant be anointed, isn’t as strong as the weddings invitation, has 2 cryo bullet that ricochet on crit but from wat I remember of test the ricochets bullets didnt move as fast. But it’s been a while since I used it
The weddings invitation is my go to sniper because it’s the only 1 that’s really viable on m4

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Thank goodness.

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Ye it’s nice to finally have a sniper that actually feels like a sniper :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::+1:

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