B0ring Hyperius

So a couple basic questions. Does it get harder to B0re him the further up you go in OP levels? I figured since it is primarily how you set up the robots it wouldnt be that increasingly difficult to pull off as I went up but I’m at OP6 and really struggling. 72 I could get it 10 times in a row. OP 4 seemed to be around 2 out of 5… And I’ve only gotten him once on OP6.

Is there a better weapon than the DPUH to pull this off like the Twister maybe? The DPUH is what I have been using the entire time

I read somewhere to the trick is getting the robots shields to overlap? Also does it make a difference if Hyperius has his shield down?

Thanks for any help.

Watch the series of “Will it B0re”-videos that Gothalion did on YouTube, you will see that weapons will gave varying levels of success but performing a B0re kill on OP8 remains possible even with the level 1 Basic Repeater pistol.