B2VR AIM Controller Update Initial Impressions/Feedback/Bugs

I was only able to play for about 30 minutes today with the new update but I’m so glad to finally see AIM support and the option to remove the cross hairs! Playing with the AIM controller feels great and I look forward to playing with it more.

Possible BUG: In my half an hour session playing with the AIM controller every time I got into a vehicle (only the Runner) my head would be looking to the left. That is, I had to turn my head to the right to be facing the front of the vehicle. This wasn’t a screen positioning issue, whenever I entered a vehicle from any side I would be looking to the left which made driving pretty difficult. The direction of my aim controller did not seem to effect this either.

Suggestion: The one thing missing I noticed that I think could be easily implemented was a “free look” aiming option. As of now with the AIM you can either set it so that you walk towards either “where your equipped weapon is pointing” or “where your head is turned.” The default option is automatically set to where your head is looking and while this option isn’t bad at all I still think a “free look” option like there is in Firewall Zero Hour would be far better. I mean an option where the only thing that determines where you look/move is your right/left stick like when playing the game with a normal controller. Ie: Moving in one direction, while looking and shooting in another. I think one of the best parts of VR is that you can move/look/shoot independently and I think it’d be a fantastic addition to the controller options. Currently it is a bit hard to run and gun in a straight line when I for example try to run vertically by an enemy to my right side, because when I look at them to shoot I start moving in that direction instead of a straight line away from them where I actually want to go. As Borderlands is a combat heavy game I think it would be a much better movement option.

I’ll update this post again after I’ve played the game for a few hours with the AIM. Anyone else have any comments about the new update?

Great suggestion. I’ll shoot that over to our development team.

In regards to the suggestion, I talked to our devs about it for a little bit-- he brought the controller over, so I’ll do my best without visuals:

As you mentioned we have the two options for movement with the aim controller:
-Move in the direction your head is pointed; you can move gun anywhere to shoot.
-Move in the direction your gun is pointed; you can move your head to look around.

When moving, you have to have a point of reference so the game knows what “forward” means. If you’re using head-relative movement, forward is where you’re looking. If you’re using gun-relative movement, forward is where you’re shooting.
Firewall Zero Hour actually uses the second option (gun-relative), so it might be helpful to switch over and play with that to see if that fits your play style better.

In your example, you have bad guys on the right and want to run parallel to the them.
Head-relative: You can point your gun at baddies, look in the direction you want to run and tilt the stick forward, or you can look at the baddies and tilt the stick to the left.

Gun-relative: You can point your gun at the baddies, tilt the stick to the left and look around as needed.

I saw your reply as soon as you posted it but I haven’t been on the forums since, so thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll have to hop back into Firewall Zero Hour to check it out but if it does in fact use the same “gun-relative” option then I’ll definitely have to try that out in B2VR. Thanks!

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