B3 and Gearbox snub PS4 in US

I guess those who have access to Moxxi dlc are fine. For all 100 million PS4 players in the US, we are being forced to wait one day later than Europe and pc players. Today at 12 noon supposedly. Why are we being locked out and everyone else not? Gearbox must have a problem with US PS4 players!

It’s probably more likely better not to do a global release and not have enough resources to deal with unforeseen complications - which a region by region deployment would limit…

?? I am PS4 in US and started playing yesterday?

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I’m a little puzzled here. Yesterday, it was folks in the EU and further east complaining about not having access to the DLC while those in the US were already playing. I know there was an issue on Sony’s end with the season pass (which they apparently fixed). But I was under the impression that most US users were already playing.

As far as I know, only pc US players have access.

What? I am PS4 live in south Texas and literally played the DLC when I got home yesterday from work,…

Nope. Played on XB1 last night. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but it is definitely not correct.

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Im PS4 and played all evening yesterday, but I never do season passes, and just purchased it for the 15$.

PS4 and Season Pass here. Got it around 11am est yesterday with no issues

Closing as the issue seems to be something other than indicated by the thread title…