B3 Collectors Edition

Was anyone actually able to order this 250 dollar Gamestop Exclusive Beast?!

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As for the question, no not yet for me :frowning:

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Yes. Also, is it really a GameStop exclusive? Pretty sure other retailers provide you the option of the Collector’s Edition. Assuming they’re not Sold Out.

Not me, sadly at this time in my life that’s a little beyond my means. Things are so tight I may not even have the money when the game launches, we’ll have to play it by ear and hope for the best.

I have the loot chest edition of BL2 and I love it, the trunk is still sitting on my headboard along with my bobble head.

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The Marcus bobblehead was the best!

I have 2 preordered, actually.

Yup, I managed to get my pre-order in for it, HYPED!

I’m so glad I took my lunch early that day. I got one just before they sold out.

I was able to catch one too. The first time I tried it wouldn’t let me select PC, I was bummed that it sold out so fast and thought I missed it. I tried again a few minutes later though and it worked that time. I don’t know if someone cancelled and I got really lucky or what but I’m glad I checked again.

I had to run up to gamestop and get one, by the time I got back to work they were all out.