B3 crashing XBox One X - Chapter 2

I can’t get past Chapter 2.

After fighting the dudes for the 2nd main story mission, the game starts to play the animation of the guy scratching his butt and it crashes my XBox One X. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it continues to crash. And by crash, I am referring to a hard crash that powers down the console and loses progress.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately the game crashing XB1X seems to be a common problem. You could try toggling your XB1X’s settings for performance vs resolution to see if it can get you past this particular spot. Results for that seem to vary, however. I know this issue is on GBX’s radar, but other than that don’t have any specific information to give you.

Putting it on performance mode stopped the hard crash issues for me. At least it doesn’t turn off anymore. I still occasionally get other crashes that I believe are related to network performance. Like if my Xbox live drops the game can freeze and and I have to restart it.