B3 indecent proposal, warning!

Just started a new char as syren, i was at lvl 8, then this player on matchmaking named scrawnyruffian, told me to max out all skill trees, even if i had no points to do this.
I have to say before this he opened 3 loot boxes with keys, and offered to me, well till then it was kinda normal, but after this he came with this indecent proposal.
Man looks like playing Borderlands games is like running with the devil all the time, i mean you have to be aware all the time if the things are looking normal.
The scrrenshot show you the text chat with the proposal!

Can you guys give me some advices?

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I’d say just don’t play with him. But also, props for letting the community know to stay away from him/her! Playing with people who “back up” saves is one thing, but blatant cheating isn’t cool.

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Also, if someone is being weird in your lobby then don’t feel bad about booting them. Don’t let someone ruin your Vault Hunting!


Thx for the answer! Also he has dropped to me that faisor lvl 8. But at the end i deleted that char and started another syren from the scratch!