B3 Returning player, best way to find other players?

Hey, couldnt find a more suitable category title. Sorry.

Im a returning player looking for other players to join in with on B3 activities. My main is a lvl 72 Siren.

I would like to get more into Takedowns. Tried doing a solo but struggled on the final boss.

My xbox tag is TheSonicPharaoh. Cheers guys.

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Discord would be my guess, the ingame matchmaking feature won’t help you immensly. The official borderlands channel might have LFG rooms. Or you could try your luck in streamer’s channels. They should have active players looking to play.

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There’s some XBox groups specifically for Borderlands as well.

One thing you will likely run into is a bit of a split between those who stuck with XBox on-line coop matchmaking and those who switched to SHIFT cross-play - apparently, you can’t have both active at the same time. The latter does mean that you can now play with friends who have the game on PC.

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Thanks. Does the game in general still have a strong active community?