B3 website/forum beefs

In general I think the forum features and function is pretty good. However, I have a couple beefs with the forum and also the website.


  • Navigation. Why is the navigation between forums so clunky? If i’m in the Amara section and I want to go back to the general section it forces me to go the main B3 page and scroll down to the general section. Not a big deal but not very smooth navigation IMO.
  • 15 character minimum for thread titles? Why this? I don’t get why the need to encourage paragraph style thread titles. I frequently have to add in garbage words just to meet the minimum character requirement. If you can convey your topic concisely that should be encouraged IMO.

I also have a couple beefs with the website (mostly the skill calculator):

  • Removing points. When selecting skills in a tree you can “purchase” skills but there is no way to “unpurchase” skills. There is a “back” button to undue the last point spent but this is only useful if that’s the point you wanted to unpurchase. If I have a full tree of points and I want to remove a point in the first row that doesn’t impact the total points required for your end skill…why do I have to reset all my points to just remove that one point?

Even the 3rd party skill calculator allows you to remove points on any skill (so long as it doesn’t go below requirement for other skills). Kind of obvious to anyone who actually uses the feature.

  • Skill calculator offline. Not exactly sure why the calculator went offline recently for almost a week. Was it to update skills from the patch? Was there some bug or issue with it? I have no idea but regardless I hope this isn’t a regular thing because it breaks the links of countless build threads that rely on it. At the very least it shouldn’t take a week to get it back up.

This game sort of revolves around theorycrafting builds so it’s kind of important for players to have access to that for making, sharing and viewing builds. How long could it possibly take to fix or update a webpage?

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It’s not as obvious in the redesign, but there are quick navigation menus on every category page. For example:

When you’re in a specific thread the “bread crumbs” below the thread title aren’t menus the same way, but they are links back to the category and sub-category, respectively.

So from here:

If you wanted to jump Amara, just click on Borderlands 3 then use the drop-down menu. I personally think it would be nice if the sub-category was also a drop-down menu.

It’s how the folks at discourse.org designed the platform. Personally, I find a slightly longer descriptive title better while browsing through a category or the list of new posts since it’s quicker to get a sense of what the thread is about. Of course, it can go too far… I’d rather folks not put their question or comment in the title and then create a post that simply says “as title”!

Haven’t played with that very much. Does right-click or alt-click not undo assignments? I’ll pass on the other comments to the community manager though - that’s actually the second time the skill calculator has disappeared off the borderlands.com site.

BTW talking of the unofficial bl3skills one - is that working for you? I couldn’t get it to do anything, but I’m not sure if it’s a site or browser settings issue.


That drop down only works from the main B3 page. It’s fine but if you are inside a thread there is no drop down which was sort of my point.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. There should be a drop down or other method to navigate from the thread instead of having to back out to the other page with a drop down. As you say there is a bread crumb but it’s broken or incomplete which is a bit clunky for navigation.

No. Right click brings up browser specific context menu and nothing to do with the calculator. It does make me think that it’s possibly a browser related compatibility issue as I didn’t test with all browsers (I use Chrome).

Second time? Yikes. Ok, well I hope that isn’t a recurring issue. It was pretty annoying for a build follower like me that is trying to utilize other people’s hard work by referencing their established builds. :wink:

Yes, the unofficial calculator works sort of how you might expect. Clicking on a skill puts a point in. Right clicking on a skill removes a point even if it isn’t the last skill you added (so long as doing so doesn’t upset other skill requirements). Again, I use latest version of Chrome so could be you are having a browser issue if it isn’t working.

One thing positive I will say about the existing bread crumb design is the frozen pane at the top. It’s nice if you are at the bottom of a long thread that you can still navigate through the breadcrumb at the top of the page regardless. If it was only a complete bread crumb…