BA Bonus Stats Failed to Transfer/Register

Files uploaded successfully from PS3, for both BL2 & Pre Sequel, using cross save, for use with PS4 Handsome Jack Collection
Files downloaded successfully to PS4, and imported just fine. Everything looks good, except that the bonus stats did not transfer along with BA rank.
I wanted to report this issue so that it can be resolved. There’s no point to transfer the BA rank, unless the stats transfer.
Please include this in your next hot fix.
Thank you.

Lots of others are reporting this issue as well. Gearbox have acknowledged the problem and are currently looking into it.

In the meantime, please submit a support ticket at or

Cool…Yea, thanks, I have reported it.

So your badass rank transferred over, but not your bonus stats? Did you receive badass points to re-spend?

Yes. Just the reward tokens.

This is working as intended – badass tokens will need to be re-spent after utilizing the cross/cloud save functionality:

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Are you saying that the the transfer process reset all the bonus stats, and the number of tokens available to spend were generated based on the BA rank?

Correct. The game will re-calculate how many badass tokens you had spent based on your current badass points/ranks and deliver that many tokens for you to re-spend in the Handsome Collection.


Ok, we’ll see how that works out. I forgot to mention that there are no golden keys showing up as well. I just thought I’d mention that in the event someone else was also having that issue as well.

Unfortunately, Golden Keys will not transfer over with Cloud/Cross Save. When Loyalty Rewards are up, you’ll receive 75 keys per title though! :smile:

In the mean time, Gearbox released shift codes for 25 keys each! :smile_cat:
They expire on the 31st.

Borderlands 2 - PS3/PS4/Vita: KTKTT-ZSFWS-R3CHC-9BW33-3JW3H

The Pre-Sequel - PS3/PS4: 555JT-6TTX5-SFBKT-HTW33-T3F3T

Ok, well wow I really appreciate the prompt responses. That’s really refreshing compared to the lack of Dev support of another popular game out right now. Anyway, I haven’t really had a chance to play yet, just did the cross saves this morning. If I run into any other issues or have any other concerns, when I get on later, I’ll be sure to follow up. Keep up the good work. Thank you again!!

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Thank you, for sharing!!

If it reexamines to give tokens, why not a patch that reexamines based on challenges completed for the characters you have up loaded?
I am sure some people would lose a bit from old delete characters, but that seems to me the quickest fix.

No that’s a bad idea. I have put too much time in to lose my badass rank I have reset numerous characters to get my badass rank up. More then 10 characters to be exact. They need to do it right for people like me who have played this game A LOT…