BA points bug partially fixed

The infamous “BA” points bug is still happening on my console, not only that but customizations from vending machines, enemy drops, and piles will disappear when I leave the game, the only thing fixed was the infinite golden keys.

Are you using your internal drive or storage for your BL2 saves? If so, may I suggest getting an external drive, moving your profile to there, and see if that fixes the problem? Given the number of issues you seem to be having, I’m wondering if you hard drive or main board on your 360 isn’t starting to go. I’d also suggest making regular backup copies of your save files onto a separate medium (or moving them to cloud sync if you have XBL Gold).

Note that the reason I’m suggesting moving your profile to an external drive is because the BAR stuff, heads, and skins are all kept in a file which, in BL2, is kept in your profile storage and not the same place as the BL2 save files. So, as far as I can tell, the only way to make sure your stats, heads, and skins are not getting corrupted due to disk issues would be to move your profile.

I’m using a USB thumb drive for my saves and the Internal storage for my profile. I currently have Xbox live silver the membership. I’ll try moving my profile and will let you know if the problems go away.

Moving my profile to external storage has so far fixed the disappearing customizations problem, I will continue checking to see if the other problems were fixed.