Baby Dancer mission broken

I’ve got problem with mission baby dancer and kevin the… i can’t take it from anyone. That’s last mission i Need to platinum trophy :confused:


I have the same issue on Xbox One, my mission list says I completed Kevin mission and when I fast travel to Sanctuary it says I have Kevin and Baby Dancer, neither are available when I travel there.

Have you done all Dead Claptrap crew challenges and all other Clapslist Quests? Because those are a pre-requisite for accepting Baby Dancer. It being displayed prematurely or as a Quest you can accept in the Droughts is a bug.

OK, but what with „The Kevin Konundrum” mission… i Don’t have it. Do i Need all claptrap parts for it too? I saw people on yt doing this mission on level 21. i’m 50 :confused: 89/91 missions

That one doesn’t really have any requirements I know of. It should just be in Sanctuary, if it ain’t there it might indeed be bugged.

Yup I had done all of this prior and he still does not offer the quest. Just to give some back story I attempted to do the side missions trophy during my TVHM run of the game, this run for whatever reason is just not right…a lot of missing stuff and things not working.

I ended up going back to my normal play through and was able to complete all the side quests without an issue. I’m not sure what else might be affected I’m still struggling with getting the locations trophy despite having the full map discovered and all locations per the map tracker, I’ve heard that tracker isn’t accurate either so who knows.

Maybe it has to do with the crew challenges being carried over into tvhm or something like that. But yeah, I guess it just bugged out for you.

Same problem for me

Same problem. Cant start “baby Dancer”

I’ve already done these missions on my first play through but I noticed that they were available so I went to trigger them again in my TVHM play through and I can’t because claptrap won’t stop rolling around on the floor and wailing about the rejection from the companion you helped him build…

I’ve done 4 full playthroughs and encountered this issue on two of them. The first time I never was able to get the “Kevin Konundrum” quest, nor baby dancer. Then I experienced two playthroughs where everything worked.

Today I finished doing all quests on a character who completed Kevin konundrum but was unable to do the baby dancer quest, despite completing all other quests.

Hi. If anyone deside to start from beginning and do the Baby dancer agein, please let me tag along. Would be much appreciated. Psn:EspenStickler

I was able to fix baby dancer on PS4, not sure it would work on other systems. So, I finished recovering all the parts for claptrap, his girlfriend left, and he fell on the floor sobbing. He still had a Mission Indicator above his head. If I checked what the mission was from the map it was “Baby Dancer”. However Claptrap would not talk to me, there was no pink square to initiate conversation. I read in other forums that the mission marker might be glitched and show up also on The Droughts on Pandora. The marker was on The Droughts map but when I Fast Traveled to The Droughts the mission Marker was gone. The Marker was in the junkyard just beyond the Fast Travel station. So I looked around the junk yard and found nothing. However, when I weny back to Pandora, Claptrap would talk to me and I completed the mission by dancing in Devil’s Razor.

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