Baby Maker Farm

Trying to farm one of these from Madame Von Bartlesby, have been at it for about an hour and the best thing i’ve seen has been a Green Jakobs AR. Does she still definitely drop the BM? Just wanted to make sure i’m not wasting my time.

Yep! She drops it! But she’s a stuck-up-bitch, so it may take a while!


Ok, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting time :slight_smile: thanks!

it wouldn’t hurt to throw a run in on the loot train as well- never know what may pop up from there…

So I am farming at 72 (no OP) and she finally dropped one. a level 70… :angry:

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Also before saving and quitting, a small drop off the ledge next to the water (on your left just before your assent upto MVB) will offer you what can be a lucrative chest :thumbsup:

Sorry for the slight derail but it’s worth knowing about :relaxed:

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That’s a great tip, I did know about the chest but for some reason haven’t been checking it… so thanks :slight_smile:

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Your more than welcome mate :relaxed:

Anyone know what prefix i’m wanting? Just got a 72 Hefty Baby Maker, Non-elemental with a maliwan grip and Tediore stock. I’m guessing that isn’t great, Maliwan on a non-elemental and all that. Wondered what I should be looking for.

Hefty for chucking gives you the most bang per chuck as it is the mag size prefix. A Bandit grip will also increase mag size. The stock will be unimportant.