Baby Maker for Amara

How good is baby maker?
I got one in my mailbox and I wonder whether to whitdraw it or not!?

Test it then.

Seriously …

I was trying to save storage space by leaving it in the mail…

It’s Awesome!

I despise Tediore weapons. Waste of ammo.

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It isn’t horrible but there are better weapons. A good start to begin the lvl 50 content.

I enjoy it on my Amara. It’s pretty to run around punching slowed enemies. Does burn through ammo fast though.

Personally, I’m waiting to use it with a speedy freezing Zane build.

If you’re running an elemental Siren, there are better weapons for AOE and DOT damage.

Yea that was my thought… And I got other freeze weapons…

But as someone mentioned could be good in case of fight for your life… But I just happen to have an other Tediore legendary that I will use for just that purpose now! :slight_smile: