Babymaker BL2->3 nerf

Picked up a BL3 Babymaker last night (hadn’t seen one before and wasn’t worth farming) and huh, why the nerf?
Specifically fire rate. The one I picked up has a 3.5 fire rate, I just dropped back into BL2 and checked two of those BabyMakers and their fire rate was 8.7.
So old B.M. has a more than 2x fire rate. Which cripples the BL3 one, a 3.5 rate on an SMG that doesn’t have any particular firing benefits really makes it useless.
Unless all you’re going to do is fire one shot and chuck it, of course, but that’s not me.
Weird nerf.

Well… It’s mostly a rework, like it isn’t even an SMG anymore. But honestly, the worst thing about the new Babymaker is the ammo consumption. I kid you not, it uses about 100 pistol ammo per throw, meaning you can easily expend all of your ammo in less than a minute…

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Geez I didn’t even notice that, yeah, it’s a pistol.
And still, a pistol with a 3.5 rate is pretty pitiful, unless its a Torgue with added weapon capabilities. The B.M. has none.
Selling it now…

it kinda sorta fun-ish, if you don’t have anything at all that is better. but yeah, the baby maker is a pistol now that kinda sorta makes the 1000 bullet pistol capacity seem like nothing.

the best thing about the baby maker rn is that it does let you damage annointed militants by throwing the gun behind them during shield mode. but that’s about it, and i mean, it’s not like you can’t do that with other guns but that’s about the only upside I can think of for the baby maker.