Back Again; Is there a reliable grind recipe for the Flayer yet?

I have all Rustlers prefixes on all of my Flayers and now would like to get some more Doc’s with perfect parts (Jakobs grip/Hyperion stock) I have a couple I’ve received from EOS but they have Torgue and Bandit (Scav) grips and Torgue or other stocks… Also, anyone have a better farm for purple Shotguns for grinding other than EOS, Sentinel or Iwajira ? I assume they are pretty much the most abundantly dropping farms. Any help would greatly kill it ! Timothy is getting very bored slaughtering EOS for 3 bland purples and Cheat Codes :sleepy:

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Is there a reliable grind recipe for the Flayer yet?

  • DLC legendary or Excalibastard
  • Any legendary
  • And purple shotgun
  • Not a moonstone grind

That’s the go to I believe. There isn’t an exact recipe that basically guarantees it if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s just that you can’t moonstone grind is what makes it a pain, but it seems you know that.

Read-only farming moonstone chest.

Read-only farming moonstone chest, the Excalibastard, and grinder makes this farm relatively easy. Only the grinder can be dashboard-farmed.

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Yeah I’m on the Xbox One so no read only for me otherwise I’d use that method all day . I’ve been dashboarding the grinder every chance I get and the load times are very infuriating but have gotten a few different Flayers just not anyone that I would actually use.


Been there…I have hyp stock, jakob grip Doc’s Flayer on xbox1 if you want it? I have a few actually. The only downside, if this is a downside for you, is it’s hyperion sight. I always wanted a torgue sight version but it never dropped or came out of the grinder for me. I’m on PC now. so you are welcome to it if you want it?
My GT is the same as my forum name. :blush:

oh, I forgot this: Welcome back! :innocent:


Ha thanks man . Yes that would be awesome ! I still havent gotten one from EOS or the grinder I’ve just been stacking up DLC 2 legendaries and purple shotguns trying my luck with the grinder but usually end up with another purple SG. Surprise surprise.

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Whats your gamertag?