Back dooring. What to do?

Something I find really annoying is how easy it is to back door enemy towers. Especially early in the game. I literally just started a match, got to the middle, (minions hadnt even made it there yet) checked my map to see the enemy playing as Attikus, coming onto our side and wiping our towers with ease. I went over to stop him but he just did away with the tower and then ran, I pursued only to run into his teammates and then I backed off. There needs to be something to prevent this from happening or preferably make it more risky and difficult if players are going to do this. This happens all the time on over growth. I can understand if the momentum of battle had shifted to one side and all hell is breaking loose in that area and players target a buildable tower. This is extremely aggravating considering that matchmaking keeps putting me up against a team of well experienced players while my teammates are just as experienced as me, which, I bought the game the other day.

Are you talking about the turrets/buildables? Because a level 1 Attikus can not solo a sentry. Just wait till you have a Pendles who runs the whole game wiping out your buildables.

And they did add some modifiers, before you used to be able to snipe or attack the sentry straight through until they added the walls.

As a new player its is awesome that you are recognizing this back dooring, many times I fail to pay attention to back dooring because I am focused on wave clearing.


Recently i was on overgrowth and the enemy benedict just kept backdooring one of our buildables. I was miko so i couldn’t do anything against him alone. the only way is to ping/mark enemies who are backdooring in the hope of one of your teammates to notice it in such cases.

He was attacking our thumper turret, I don’t think any character could solo a sentry at any level at least that I’ve seen, I haven’t played all the characters yet. I’m a smite player and on the game mode joust, back dooring happens a lot. Its very annoying that players don’t like to earn their win in a more honorable way. But on smite, back dooring can have a negative effect if you fail your goal. Also back dooring doesn’t happen on the first two minutes of the match. And I know this isn’t smite. A lvl 1 kelvin cannot stop a lvl 1 attikus from taking a turret nor make him pay for it. Hell, I couldn’t even catch up with him

An Attikus that dives to kill a Thumper turret? That’s odd. IF your team was organized enough, that Attikus would have died a quick death. Sadly it seems that’s not the case.

Also, losing the Thumper that early (I’m assuming it is overgrowth) is no big deal, spend shards to build it back up again should you see you’re being pushed back or leave it alone until it is needed (assuming you’re pushing)…

again, not sure how an Attikus could dive that deep, so early, on Overgrowth, kill the thumper, and leave with his life.


Well as you will learn, maybe some will agree and other may disagree with me.

That particular thumper turret doesnt do much, and especially early on. If that attikus destroys it, just rebuild it and you will gain levels at a lower shard cost than trying to upgrade the tier levels of the thumper.

*You will have to be more aware of a Benny, back dooring and killing your sentry. *


ISIC lvl 5 can solo a sentey.

If they destroy your turret they get a diminish amount of exp in comparation to build it.

It totally worths the money for fast lvling.

I can see it happening if the Attikus goes through the tunnel while the entire team is busy in lane, the Sentry is one of those oblivious types, and Atty pounces out the instant he’s thumped the turret dead. What exactly the Attikus would hope to achieve with that stratagem is another question entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its easier to dive and get a minion push without that annoying slow.

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B-but who wouldn’t notice an Attikus? How could he go through tunnel without being noticed by anybody? Lol I can’t fathom the idea of a STEALTHY Atty. Then let’s assume he does get to the Thumper…he’s probably slowed, Aggro’d a bit by the Sentry, and he’s Attikus. How could you not kill a slowed, weakened, LARGE, target?

It makes no sense unless your whole team is having a Taunt Battle back at base OR quietly spectating this Brave Attikus v Thumper Turret match.

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A running Attikus joke that I make (and which only I seem to find funny) is to declare “I’m sneaking in”, “I’ll creep up on them”, and other such nonsensicalities as I plunge into battle.

Also once I stood on the middle pillars in Monuments and spammed his roar taunt over and over for an entire thirty minute game, as if I were MINREC watching from above. I don’t know, okay, it was late.


At least back dooring focuses on the objective. Destroy the sentry or help to destroy the sentry. I think it should be left alone.

Then again, ISIC is my second main and I end up back dooring constantly so it could just be me.


I could be more fine with backdooring if the actual warnings for when your sentry is under attack worked. Currently it takes a lot of game awareness to realize the whole enemy team isn’t present and that someone might be at the sentry. Unless there’s a Mike, in which case he is definitely at the sentry. Sometimes the warning ‘works’, but there isn’t and never was anyone at your base.

Destroying buildables though? Eh, who cares. You get more XP from building them than the enemy gets from destroying them.
And a huge melee character definitely shouldn’t be slipping past your team and your sentry level one, alone, and get away alive.


Let them kill your buildables for no reason… it’s not like they can solo a sentry at lv 1. Just re build… free extra experience… not sure why people get so heated by their buildables being destroyed. Working on your triple legendary loadout I see :wink:


If I were that Attikus, versus a Kelvin deep in enemy territory… I would’ve been stunned and then sentry blasted into turbo-hell.

But yes, backdooring can be an issue. Your best bet it to just take full advantage of the fact that the enemy team now has one player hopelessly trying to 1v1 your sentry instead of staying on point.

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I don’t know how players allow enemy to backdoor the sentry. You have to be aware of your surroundings.That Includes to constantly check the mini radar for your enemies location.

I don’t recall the last time an opponent successfully backdoor my pug team. I always catch them and they become free kill.

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When I play as Deande (my main) or Mellka (a top 5 character for me), I back door all the time. I never do it to actually take down the sentry from full health, it’s either to take an opponent out of the lane from defending against a push, keep the shield from recharging, or finish off a low sentry (about 10 points or less). The main point is it’s a very viable strategy for certain characters at certain times. Anything you can do to distract your opponents and break their coordination is a positive.


Several characters can effectively backdoor, but you can usually notice their absence in lane. Benedict, ISIC, and Kleese are the most notable, because they can get to higher lanes and wreak havoc from there, but OM with his cloak and airstrike can drop a lot of unstoppable damage too. Toby, Ernest, and Marquis can slide off to the side and nuke the sentry solo effectively as well if they snipe the edges of it.

This game was never intended to be single lane, and letting the enemy hold you 4v5 at a choke while the lasst bashes objective from another angle is just good gameplay. Otherwise all games would end with average player score because everyone would play (heal support + Kleese + Ernest) and no one would get killed ever.

To be fair, no other characters are equipped as they are to backdoor (not counting Pendles, he is a backdoor)

I mean, they are mobile and assassins and early on they don’t have a lot of lane presence and they have to do something to be productive. I would back door with OM more, but he needs to be in the lane to push. I don’t play any of the other characters that are equipped to do this well, but I mainly play my characters to their strengths to maximize their output.

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