Back for more tips/Ideas and rate my inventory

1st off, Sorry for the long read.

Since last we met…
Somehow during a very busy summer/fall, I spent my time reaching level 72 UVHM. I avoided taking on any quests or story line so not to get anything less than a 72 item. Once reached I’ve been slowly working my way trying for the specialty weapons. Been farming the train in Tinkertown and the red chests improving the stats on my weapons with the occasional nice red lettered or legendary item.

I got the Grog (and didn’t turn it in) :wink:
Here’s the highlights of my inventory:
-Lvl 72 Berzerker class mod
-71 Longbow bonus pkg expl grenade (I think this is the one I got from a locker in Sanctuary HQ)
-72 Lobbed fire bee 165801 dmg/sec
-69 ‘Impaler’ shield corrosive spikes
-72 misles Gub and a 71 double Misles gub corrode pistols. (back to back in a red chest in Tundra)
-71 Earnest Logan’s gun fire pistol
-49 Bee shield (sold it, waiting to get newer. Not using it)
-50 DPUH
-50 Slayer of Terramophous mod
-50 Casual Flakker +320%
That’s it for those.

Red lettered items:
-lvl 67 ‘Rough Rider’ +20% dmg resist
-60 Capt Blades Orphan maker +850% dmg
-72 ‘Deadly bloom’ Expl Nova
-72 ‘Lightning Bolt’
-72 Shock Fuster Cluck (sentimental) :wink:
-72 Corrosive Tea Pot. 106122 dmg/sec (better than the 2 Dubs) haven’t tested it much.
-50 magic missle. rarely in back pack.

Got a 72 blood and a 71 Bone of the ancients relics back to back from 2 LLM’s
Don’t get to use them much as I’m dependent on my FFYL +31% 2nd wind +149% Combo relic.

My Elemental LMG’s are of the Blaster type.
Reg Sniper Skokum Calipeen 428696 Dmg
Other snipers close to that.
Best RL Expl 3899646 dmg. Elementals in the 2M+ range and 30-47%

I switch shields a lot but normally wear a Purple Turtle 895K cap
I just picked up a Corrode and then a Shock immunity shields.

For ‘normal’ battles I tend to use this group:
72 Casual Hulk Expl shotgun (was using a very fast 69 Fire shotgun until replaced by a 71 Gentle shotgun supreme)
72 SMG Stopping plasma caster 18% slag …(That combo got me through most battles.)
3rd slot is mixed depending on need. Been putting the Grog in here a lot.
72 Reg sniper
FFYL/2nd wind relic
Leg Berzerker mod
71 Longbow bonus pkg expl grenade
Turtle shield, But switch with others often.

Soooo…If you’ve got this far. :smiley: Given my inventory, Ok, Stop laughing…
Anything you’d suggest as better combo’s?
Should I dump the old lvl 50 legends?

Some areas I get through decently, Some are VERY tough.
I beat Pistol Pete and yet no Seraph crystals or did he drop anything decent.
(I assume I have to go beat him again now for those?)
Now, Motor Mama kicked my azz. Lvl 74 with an insane recharge rate. Thanks Gearbox.
So that story line is stalled until I figure out a better attack.
I’m still after the main story to get all those specialties. A better Bee, etc.
For now I’ll go after red chests, The train and even LLM’s in Tundra and possibly the WEP.
I’ve seen vids (from 2013) where you could farm them and as long as you don’t collect the recorders get 3-4
LLM’s to appear in that room. And then a vid on how it was patched and no longer farmable.
Which is it?

Thanks for any input. :slight_smile:

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If you are level 72, get rid of the lvl 50 legendaries IMMIDIATELY (sorry for the caps, had to emphasize that though). No lvl 50 weapon or shield, no matter how good it is, will still be effective at that level. Even pimpernels and norfleets can’t be effective for 20+ levels.

If you mean whether to put them on a mule to save for another character, then by all means keep them. But if you mean to keep in your inventory or use them at all, don’t even bother. The’re peashooters at this point.

As for geat to pick up, in terms of quest rewards, you can’t go wrong with:
The pimpernel
Heart Breaker
Jolly Roger
Swordsplosion (if you don’t shoot too close)

I can’t remember too many other weapons, but any version of these on sal will serve you well.

Hope this helps :smile:


While that’s true for most things, it dosn’t apply to some things. On stuff you’re exclusivley using for slag (slag pimps, MM, slagga or what have you) or healing with grenades/skill damage (the grog/rubi usually) the level doesn’t really matter, it’s nice tohave higher level ones because then they can contribute more to your damage, but it’s not 100% nessisary.

Also, there are a few cases where you actually want low leveled versions of stuff, usually to minimise the damage that you take from it (Slag betties, baddabooms for rocket jumping, torgue barrel ARs or other launcher spash weapons for free rockets), in addition, some people use low level shields (usually the RR or fabled tortise) to take advantage of their secondary effects while taking advantage of health gating or making the shield easier to break respectively.

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Get a Legendary Gunzerker instead of the Berserker- it’s just that much better. As for Motor Mama try to stay near the entrance and try to take out her cycle first- once she’s on her feet gunzerk and hit her with a LEVEL 72 DPUH (drop that level 50 one into your bank).

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Drop everything below level 71
The Slayer of Terra COM is bad, you will never use that
Logan’s gun is only useful if you intend to shamfleet

Keep the rough rider even though it’s underleveled
You can keep the Deadly Bloom if you want
The Lightning bolt is useless
Drop the Orphan Maker
Fuster cluck is bad, do what you want with it
The Magic missile can still be useful even if it’s only level 50
The Teapot, even though it’s one of my favorite gun, it has no synergy with Salvador since you can’t ADS during Gunzerk

The bones can be good depending on the element
The Blood is trash

The Calipeen can be sold
I have no clue if that damage is good, just go with levels. 70 and lower = sell

Turtles are the worst shield type for Salvador: he has %based health regen and relies on moxxi healing and has no shield skills.
Get an Evo, Neo or purple Adaptive for most of your mobbing.

The shotgun seems ok
The Smg too, though there are MUCH better choices (like that Grog…if you have a grog nozzle, it should ALWAYS be in your off-hand)

You shouldn’t rely on FFYL relics, you should instead look for ways to go into FFYL less often…and another relic could help you do that :wink:

Based on what you have, here’s what I would equip

slot1: Your Torgue shotgun
Slot2: Grog Nozzle (these 2 should be your main killing tools, you should have those out 95% of the time)
Slot3: A rocket launcher
Slot4: whatever you feel like

Shield: Get an Adaptive from a vending machine, even a green one would be better than what you have
Relic: If you haven’t done the quest yet, get a Deputy’s badge for now. Eventually, you will want an explosive relic with that setup.
Grenade: You seem to love that bonus package, I say keep it.
Class Mod: That Berserker COM works fine for now.

Your Gear is kinda all over the place and lack focus, and I bet your skill build probably does too. That probably explains why you go into FFYL so often that you feel the need to have a relic dedicated to help you there.

Try that:

Pyro pete is a regular boss in the story, he only drops crystals when you fight him as a raid boss, once you finish the story (and he’s much MUCH stronger… like 100x the health)

Slag is the key
You need to always have a slag gun in your hand.
One slag gun and one strong gun is better than 2 strong guns
If that gun is the Grog Nozzle, then you should not die much.

Salvador need no Bee…and it actually sucks on him. Learn to play as Salvador well first.

Yeah, you can still farm LLM in the Wep. I did it like 2 weeks ago.

I suggest you have a look at a few threads in here: the Class mod guide, Top Gear and Sal skill guide. You will probably learn a lot.

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Nothing wrong with the standard Sal build but if I’m using the weapons in slots 1&2 95% of the time, I’d put that point from Auto Loader into Incite, but that’s just me…:grin:

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Rocket launcher + FFYL issues :wink:

Thanks guys for the detailed advice !!
I pretty much knew my gear was a mish-mash, Hence the reason I listed so many.
Interesting about the Turtle shields, By habit I’d just keep looking at the capacity and replace when improved.
I never really got into the adaptive shields, Time to change that. (I did just keep one since it was competing # wise with the turtle)
The Bee always made me wonder why so great?

My skills tree according to that guide was running (surprisingly) about 2 levels higher than I was while going from lvl 65 to 72,. But I haven’t checked it in a long time and have seen posts and vids on builds lately telling me not to put points where I currently have them. I’m sure a lot of conflicts going on there.

Swordsploooosion: Had one in TVHM and never got the hang of it. Of course after I dumped it, I found out why many liked it. Same with some other items that I intend to get and play with this time through.

Got Motor Momma off the bike but wasn’t hitting her with the right items and knew it was pointless until I made some changes. Will have to go after T-tokens in Pete’s bar and buy a 72 DPUH.

Chuck80: Anything you’d put specifically with the Rough Rider? Relic or Mod that would benefit or doesn’t it matter?
I knew about the Fuster Cluck, Just got it. But surprised about the Lightning Bolt as I’ve seen some in action in vids.
I did get a “Chained Lightning” with grenade regen just the other day. I forgot to include that in the list.
I’ll keep that along with the MM. Hoping to get the 4 MM.

Ok, So much to do. This could be the proverbial “Game Changer”.
Awesome, Thanks again. :smiley:

The RR is a raid buster, it has very limited use outside of raids because it has low survivability. Some still use it to mob but it’s far from ideal.

Stick to Adaptive until you’re ready to move on to specific builds.

Chain lightning is good, lightning bolt isn’t.

Sorry about the reply in multiple posts, I’m on my phone and can’t manage to do better.

Look for a Harold with a Torgue grip. The prefix matters less than the grip. The accuracy accessory is a good choice too, as well as the damage and fire rate. Don’t waste your time farming for a DP Harold specifically, the difference is not that big for most cases.

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It’s a situational thing. It’s better on Maya, Gaige and Axton because they have shield skills and lower DPS. Salvador doesn’t need it at all.

…but don’t pass it up if one comes along with a Torgue grip. :dukecheese:


Of course! :smile:

DP Harold with Torgue grip
Then Any other Harold with a Torgue grip
Then DP Harold with the wrong grip

Basically, pick the first one that shows up with a Torgue grip, if it happens to be a DP, then good for you.


I F12 'd a screenie with Steam of my Skill Tree but all I get is a broken or error message.
Even tried adding the [img][/img tags…nada.
(The old PrScr and Paint doesn’t work anymore)

I’ll try again later.

That’s your build using the bl2 skill build site. My suggestion would be this for the following reasons:

Sal regens ammo when he gunzerks. Add a L. Hoarder on top of that and ammo never becomes a problem, Filled to The Brim can stay at 1 and be boosted by the com and 5 Shots or 6- unless going with a specific build for specific weapons- can be ignored (I understand that it somehow influences Money Shot chains so I can see why you’d want it- just a matter of personal choice for me). Get Some will actually activate Keep It Piping Hot, so you gain the benefit of that skill while still gunzerking- a total win in my book. And more reload speed is a good thing so that’s why I have All In The Reflexes. When I was maining the DPUH/GN set up the L. Hoarder was my main com until I got a L. Gunzerker- I kept that as the main com and switched to a Chaotic Evil Monk com for raid boss fights. Just my thoughts on the matter…:sunglasses: Edited the build to take Locked and Loaded instead of All I Need Is One…

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Get Some is Sal’s best skill.
I have never made a build without it.
You need 5 points in there.
I’m serious.
Do it.

Also, All I need is one is pretty bad, you should move those points to L&L, which is a great skill
Same goes for I’m the Juggernaut, which is probably Sal’s worst skill.

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Thanks for mentioning that- I completely overlooked it- although it might be useful if you dual wield Infinities- might, I say…

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I’m starting to wonder how I got this far. :wink:
More great info. I’m looking forward to overhauling Sal. Thanks again.
Great to have so much help from people even when the game is older now.
I started BL2 after the DLC’s were out. Late to the party.

With all these tips on this page and the screenshots, This would be a great time to have dual monitors.
I wonder if the wife will notice hers missing?