Back for more tips/Ideas and rate my inventory

Spycho drops the Neogenator. You can find it(him? her?) in Frostburn Canyon after doing the Doc Zed side quest after you reach the main story missions that send you to Eridium Blight/Sawtooth Cauldron. You can also find Spycho in the T.K. Baha Headhunter DLC- that’s where I got my first Negenator from…

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Continuing on my specialty weapons bucket list, only after about 40 kills of the Warrior I got the Skullmasher,
Sticky lobbed fire Leech and then the Conference Call. So happy to finally get the CC I did a few more and left.
I looked up more about the CC and found out there are elemental ones. I got the ‘Potential’ Conf Call.
sighs Sounds like me in high school…He has plenty of potential if he’d only apply himself :wink:
So basically I got the red-headed step child of the CC’s. Still fun but…

What are the chances if I make the trek back to the Warrior that I’ll eventually get an elemental or especially the ‘Critical’ Since I already got a CC?

I’d heard about the CC and BEE combo being toned down for Vermi (and overall). I gave it a shot and Yep, Very difficult.
I used the Grog with it and usually by the time Vermi showed slag he was sinking back down. My various slag grenades were way off timing and my Leg Bouncing Bonnie worked OK. I tried ‘Pride Rock’ but Vermi would spawn right in front of me every time right after the lazers would do major damage before I could eliminate them. Pride rock doesn’t work for me like in TVHM, So I ran around and was bounced into space many times …If I didn’t back off the cliff myself. :smiley:
I tabled Vermi for a while.

Decided to finish Jackenstein. Knowing what to do but continually got pummelled by his jump. after 3 times in a row being trapped by his leg and a container while in FFYL and not being able to hit a loader for a 2nd wind I gave up.
Watched a video and saw that ‘safe area’ when you 1st land. Ok, I’ll do this as I didn’t want to spend too much on J-stein and just wanted the drop.
Lame I know.
One thing I learned in that safe room, Don’t mistakenly release your Storm Front grennade. :smiley: Somehow I survived and did finally kill J-Stein. Of course he didn’t drop the weapon most say he does every time.

I killed the Prof and looted the room, Nothing better there either. I DID NOT turn in the mission to Hammerlock , Can I go after J-Stein again? (after making the trek back ) Or does it matter if it’s turned in or not?
Not hugely important, Just would like to get that weapon and put that DLC to rest.

Jackenstein respawns so you can trek back there as you like to fight him. The treasure room is only accessible during the mission, if I remember correctly


I think you’re confusing Terramorphous and Vermiverous- Terra is the one that has the cliff and bounces you around…:grin:

LOL…Yes, Quickly abbreviating the name and went with the wrong one. :smiley: Read so many threads before posting this.
Any suggestions of what to use against TERRA?
I thought a fire shottie would be key but didn’t do much. I have a decent Purple Hyperian fire SG.
I did do the BEE/Grog/Conf Call mostly but didn’t do much even with Terra being slagged part of the time.
I rarely see a video on anyone beating a boss with normal purples and Legendaries, Mostly 30 sec battles with tweaked or top weapons etc.

Thanks maxageddon, Just wanted to confirm. It is pretty easy to dead run all the way and I’ll probably give it a shot again. I remember the treasure room is closed off (and saw it after quit/save before leaving) Only about 6 purples showed up and none were better or even close to what I have.

If I was you I would simply use a legendary gunzerker com with a dpuh/grog combo or try this [Build] Salvador

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Refer to that link often. :slight_smile: I need to get another DPUH first. Previously I had a level 50 but no Grog, By the time I got to 72 the DPUH wasn’t doing anything. Now that I have the Grog I’ll have to farm tokens at the bar.
Have the Leg BERzerker com and only a 67. I pretty much run with my 72 Chaotic evil monk. 49% crit.

Yeah the monk is great for mobbing. Also to get a dpuh on level shouldn’t be hard just go farm the bar room on normal or true than come back to uvhm and get one. Also if that’s the class mod I’m thinking of it’s the best replacement com until you can get a leg. Gunzerker.

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Thanks for the reminder. I did just that. I forgot that that was an easier option. Dropped to TVHM and played with my Topneaa and my purple expl RL.
Insanely quick work so much so I collected another 600+ tokens. :smiley:
It did take about 50 quit/saves to get the DPUH to show up. Now I’ll probably get one dropped from a LLM. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah that’s how rng works lol.
Did you get a torgue grip on it

I should have had the image burned in my head but I was just happy to get one finally.
I just checked some pictures and it doesn’t look like it. Mine has a couple of faint yellow stripes on the grip yet the pictures don’t show that. It just doesn’t seem to say Yep, That’s it. I guess I could check out the vending machine again since I have enough tokens.
If you sell anything (bought with tokens) in the torgue vending machine do you get tokens back??
I’ve never had to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not it doesn’t give you the tokens back. And it sounds like you got the valdof grip.

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Here it is.

Yep valdof grip. Also if your wondering that’s the jakobs sight.

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So how much better with the “perfect” Harold?
I’ve read there are trade offs for each accessory, Like better Dmg but less mag size and so on.
I’ve been having fun with the classic DPUH/Grog/Bee but I don’t want it to be my main use…Just when needed
I guess. I’ll check the machine again soon for the chance of getting better.
Thanks for the confirmation.

If I’m not mistaken the matching grip gives you a bigger mag and faster reload. And since its a torgue grip you get the increased damage. The valdof grip gives you higher fire rate but decreases damage. Also no matching grip bonus

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The matching Torgue grip is more important than the DP prefix IMO

A Harold without that prefix but with the right grip is much better than one with the DP prefix but the wrong grip.

Grips: all have tradeoffs, but matching the grip with the manufacturer adds a bonus on top: Extra mag size and better reload speed) Like Pie said, Torgue grips increase damage. The drawback is reduced accuracy (which we really don’t care about since it has a very wide spread to begin with and it has a fixed pattern)

Accessories: Sometimes have tradeoffs, but it’s usually to your benefit. (as in: the bonus is larger than the drawback)

The DP Harold offers officially the highest DPS of them all, but IMO it’s not necessary at all. I prefer the Explicit or Hard prefix personally.

Thanks for the info. I tried about 50 quit/saves in the Beatdown on the 1st vending machine and the same in the bar.
Only twice did a Harold even show up. Thanks RNG. :stuck_out_tongue:
One was an Explicit. Maybe I’ll get one you mentioned to play around with and compare with my DPUH.
It would be nice if they had a prefix saying “Perfect DPUH” :smiley:

As much fun it’s been to be able to have/use the DPUH/Grog/BEE or Neogenator, I find myself using it pretty much for everything now. Almost feels like cheating. ( I haven’t tried it on any main bosses yet.)
With all my new toys that keep showing up I need to get back to them and find other combos and get my battle play back.The DPUH combo is so strong that I’m getting a little sloppy. But then again, Whatever works right?

I think I’ll use this to get after the Sheriff’s Badge as a few runs took a lot of effort and even ammo just to get close. But this was before getting all these new things.

Having my Shock Topneaa for the bar has been…a blast…:smiley:
Dropping to TVHM takes no time at all. Even tho first time I didn’t realize the tokens capped at 999, and I did about 5 more runs before noticing. oops.
Even doing it at UVHM works but I run out of RL ammo sometimes and of course it takes longer.

If your can’t find a torgue grip dpuh I would get a torgue grip hard one. IMO the fire rate prefix is unneeded on sal because he can boost fire rate a lot.

Grip > Prefix

If you’re like me and hate farming, I would just take the first Harold with a Torgue grip that shows up, regardless of the prefix.

Torgue grip is much more important than the prefix.

Prefix that are good:

Prefix that are OK:
Mag size

Prefix that are basically like not having one:
The gunstock one
The blade

The cool thing is that the 2 least desirable are the easiest to spot.