Back to Maya after years, what's changed, will my old build work?

Hey, folks! I haven’t played BL2 in…years, but recently picked up the Handsome Collection for my PS4. I saw mentions of a patch that buffer her up a fair bit, but would love to know how big those changes were! I also want to know if my old build is effected. I have to go off of memory, Buttttt…

I BELIEVE it was something along these lines? The goal being the Melee slag being awesome for slagging and getting my Phaselock out as often as possible to control as much of the enemy populace as possible.

I would switch Helios with foresight even tho Helios got a buff foresight is still a much better skill IMO

Yeah? When I was playing Helios and Cloudkill were basically a joke, but I’d heard they’d been buffed substationally.

Yes cloud kill is an amazing skill now and at 10/5 or 11/5 Helios is pretty good to. But I would never take it over foresight.

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If I remember right, I ran a Legendary Binder mod (or Hell Binder if I hadn’t yet gotten the Legendary), so that build may be off somewhat. Wish I still had my 360 so I could take a peek.

Yeah it’s good at 10 or 11 out of 5 and the leg. Binder is an amazing com

Helios over flicker pr immolate can be good choices, but never over foresight.


I tend to prefer Ruin over Scorn, especially with the sub-sequence thing you got going.

Here’s a potential build for that based mostly on yours.

I run the Leg. Binder as the main com on my lvl 72 OP8 siren and I use this build:

If you are ever at a point going to use the breakneck banshee, which I use sometimes, take the points from ward and put them in fleet so you get the bonus always and do not have to change builds.