Back up saves question?

If i backup my save what should i backup characters settings saves i tried this along time ago and it deleted my guardian ranks but still had my characters i think i did not back up settings it took a very long time to get my guardian ranks back just need to know how to do this the safe way.

I’ve imported saves from epic to the steam version. You should be fine.

Just need to make a full copy of the save folder. Your guardian rank as well as cosmetics and whatnot is stored in the profile.sav file and the characters are the numbered .sav files.

On pc the save folder is under Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

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What about ps4 im on console so theres just one save file when i backed mine up a long time there was different options like you would have to check mark different characters to backup it was confusing

Not sure about ps4. I’m assuming there would be a profile save along with the characters like there is on pc. There’s limited info on Google about how to backup saves.

Yeah on ps4 we also have a fîle account save with our gardian rank.