Backdoor Protection Needed

I just played a match with an ISIC who wall jumped behind our sentry from minute one and attacked our sentry with none of the enemy team’s minions nearby. In about 30 seconds he had whittled away our sentry’s health to about 75. This is unacceptable, especially when the game emphasizes pushing with your minions all the time. The shield should have massive regen on it until enemy minions get in range of it.

And he was not killed by the sentry in 3 seconds?

It’s pretty easy to avoid being targeted by the sentry. The shield needs to reduce player damage by 80% or more if you ask me, I feel like all we’re going to get on game release are some walls that alleviate maybe one or two sniping positions though.

This strat is outlined in one of the guide videos for incursion on reddit (it’s stickied).

The guy covers why he thinks this is awesome in the video.

Nope not at all.

They should just make it like how it is in Dota2 for towers: Unless there are friendly creeps near it, it will regenerate its health/shield. It’s that simple. Now I’m not saying that you couldn’t backdoor with this in place (happens in Dota as well), but you’d need to have at least 3-4 people with you and one of you is going to tank sentry damage to get the job done and personally I think that’s fair. What isn’t fair is somebody just sniping the sentry without any penalties and without any friendly creeps near the damn thing.

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There is backdoor protection. All you have to do is recognize which characters can make that jump on overgrowth, and pay attention to the damage indicator and when the opposing teams minion wave is coming. If their wave [EDIT]isn’t coming and they have a Battleborn with range that can clear that jump and the sentry’s health is flashing you’re getting backdoored. These indications combined with a healthy habit of checking the sentry damage indicator should give you plenty of time to scare off any one player backdooring. If there are two players doing this at once then their lane defense should be pretty weak and that’s your chance to push. If all else fails you can backdoor as well, or have a teammate do it if you can communicate with them.

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