Backdoor Shenanigans

I don’t mind backdooring in theory, but with the current impotence of the sentry it strikes me as a tad ridiculous that it’s a viable strategy for a team to dive the sentry at the very start of the match or for a lone BB to cruise in and solo it. Can we please give the sentry some teeth? It defends itself about as well as a handicapped baby sloth right now.

Edit: Backdooring in a desperate attempt to score at the end of a round keeps things interesting and it’s fun. Backdooring at the start is incredibly boring. How about if the sentry starts beefy af and slowly gets weaker (no weaker than it is now though and only at the end of the match).


Very much agree. I think they should either swap the sentries or make the first one the same as the second one

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I don’t mind the sentries having different attack patterns, but it definitely needs it’s shield capacity cranked up a bit. Or maybe have it take hilariously reduced shield damage from players if there are no minions attacking it.


I am just tired of the sentry being a giant baby with a fat bubble shield around it. It should be way more threatening…


Like back when the tower blast could actually hit you…


It’s hit me a couple times after the patch.

It tickles. Left with full health. Smh.


Yes have it the behavior of a lovable dummy, but be a monster too


Yes. God make it do something else…

Incursion is so wierd right now… If you get caught in a moshbotpit(trademarked) they can end you(I have died more from bots in this patch then I ever have before this patch)

If a fat bot thinks your in the way it can absolutely wreck you with its guns

Mid thralls are doing damage that surpasses ults and can wipe multiple battle born at once.

The sentry however will hit you with NEGLIGIBLE damage. About the same as an average skill attack… What the hell…


And here in a nice compact post why I’ve stopped playing PvP.

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Just make it do mega-murder instagib damage if your minions aren’t present or something. The objective is to escort minions to the sentry so we can destroy it, not just to destroy the sentry. Right now the minions are annoying af, tanky af, hit like trucks, but are ultimately pointless when prety much 1x any character in the roster can solo a sentry.

Early in the game not so much.

Late in the game the 30 second strat has almost always worked.

Or maybe some skills of its own.
Like Geoff.
Oooooooooooo or Shard upgrades like Wolf!


I still think the sentry really just needs an instantly locking on taser that’s weak at first then slowly gets stronger until it’s DPS is fatal

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just have two people like an OM/WF and bennedict jump over three pillars on monuments, drop their ults, and unload their clip, you’re already taking sentry damage.

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How about no stupid kleese taser

That seems unrelated?

he’s saying don’t make the sentry a kleese

Editied my OP as I was thinking after I logged off last night how great it is to be able to try and backdoor at the end of the match to pull off a last second comeback but that at the start of the match it’s boring, annoying, and counter-intuitive. As such, why not have the sentry start at “full-power” where it’s a merciless killing machine if the minions aren’t there then have it slowly power down to it’s current drunk panda state of self-defense.

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Enters thread and reads posts.

This thread’s title is misleading! I was expecting something… Ribald. Haha!

Seriously though, @theavarchivist, i agree; i hope they buff the sentry’s awareness soon, or give them some form of “thermal vision” to deal with cloaked Battleborn hiding out by enemy sentries. Damage-wise, i feel it’s fine; though more shield or health would be nice.


Just had a game where this common PC tryhard team 5-man instadove our sentry (which they pretty much do every single time without fail cuz lolfun), so I solo’d their sentry as Toby in less time… so thrilling /sarcasm… when people choose to play like that, the match just devolves into a boring CoD style free-for-all thanks to the sentry’s ineptitude.

The ■■■■■■■ sentry actually makes it HARDER to defend it against savvy enemy BB because he cockblocks all friendly fire, body blocks, and is in general a giant moronic baby, so the enemy can just dance around his ass and use him as a human shield. Is lame. If their are no minions on him, he should have access to Wolf’s mega-death turret and power stomp.