BackDoor Tips in Incursion

One of the things I am still murky with is the concept of effective backdooring.

Can only some characters do this? What is the best strategy? Sneaking around and getting the mid thralls to follow you?

Is a character like…miko able to back door? Or only someone like ISIC?

I am forced to use compass because minimap seems too small to me and it’s hard to toggle in an intense match. Nothing is more confusing than having my team applying great pressure to the second sentry and then suddenly boom, our first sentry is dead from seemingly out of nowhere.

Any tips on backdooring?

Any tips on keeping an eye on backdooring that does not involve the mini map?


A little yellow icon will start flashing by your Sentries health bar when it’s being damaged. Just keep in mind it does occasionally trigger from friendly minions. So if it starts flashing and goes away after few seconds it’s a false alarm. If it start flashing and stays flashing someone is playing dirty.

Backdooring is a free kill (most of the time) for anyone that is always aware of their surroundings. It only take a quick look at the mini radar to spot the enemy and cancel their plan.

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Is there a way to make the mini radar larger? It’s always so hard for me to see on it compared to compass…

Unfortunately no. I remember I had to force myself to constantly watch that mini radar(even while in combat) to spot backdooring and players that like to flank our healer.

Actually I think their is a way to change your minimap from radar to full map like the faceoff map you get but I don’t think it shows the enemy all the time only when they’re shooting or you can see them

This incorrect alert should have been fixed with the Winter Update.


After some of the AoE changes its not as easy to do much anymore. Also there’s not much of a point thanks to the A.I. changes.

Not that you couldn’t take someone like Orendi with Barrowed, blow your load, purposely trigger the passive and do it all again.

All you have to do is get around the enemy team without being seen. You can also do that with OM as well. You used to be able to easily BD with Isic, Thorn, Orendi, OM.

Some characters when combined with certain gears are made to really hurt when backdooring.

For example my favorite backdoor character is Kleese. Just drop a rift and run when anyone shows up because the rift will still be attacking while you’re running.

Mix this with shield web interdictor and you have a nice window before a sentry can recharge its shield even if the rift is taken down

Wow, that’s genius! I somehow never even thought of that.

Do people commonly even bother going for the double thralls when backdooring or is it just, as you say, blowing your load of cooldowns + having your legendary passives up?

I ignore them typically because they can turn things against you by drawing attention to your entry point to enemy territory,

the thing about backdooring is it’s an art and a team effort, for the player making the back door attempt the best thing you can have is a team holding the line defensively and ready to capitalize on players falling back to stop the attack on the sentry and it’s not necessarily “dumping cooldowns either” I used Kleese as an example because he can dish damage to a sentrys shield but thorn is excellent at backdooring as well using her arrow bleed damage.

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The most effective backdoor characters have high ranged DPS and a way to blunt the sentry’s counterfire. That means that Kleese, ISIC, and Oscar are the best at it, as they all have enhanced mobility to get to strange places and aren’t overly concerned with getting shot due to their defensive tricks.

Other characters just do enough ranged damage to be a huge threat in and of themselves, like Marquis and Toby, who can slap a sentry to death easily, but have no escape if they get caught doing it and no mobility to get there first.

Ernest has neither high damage or defensive shenanigans, but can hit the sentry from stupid angles and can destroy a sentry easily if left alone.

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One other character is a full regen pendles can manage it if left alone after he hits level 5 but it’s INCREDIBLY slow

That is a bad habit I would not get used to, my friend. If you play against any reputable team in a 5v5 private match, that sort of thing is at the very least highly frowned upon, and usually a team will just leave the game if you do something like that.

The main reason is because the backdooring team did not earn their map position. They are backdooring because they can’t win the fight for the main lane. If you can’t win the fight for the main lane, you do not deserve to win.

Proverb moment

“Honor is a fools prize”

Sorry but, there’s playing skill and playing smart. If an enemy team is better skill wise but isn’t vigilant then it’s a fair tactic to use against them

I also would never recommend such approach. Backdooring will work on beginner and intermediate skilled players but if you go against veterans, such act will get you caught every single time. Not only it will more likely get you cornered and killed but it also leaves your team vulnerable for a wipe on 4v5.

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Playing smart would be pushing a minion wave and attacking from choke, tunnel, and perch.

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Ideally yes, but if my team just can’t seem to rally enough to push the lanebut are holding the line(even when I wasn’t there like say if I died) what do I lose by sneaking by to backdoor? It’s a tactics choice, there’s no absolute rule on what will and won’t work, as a rule I’ll concede it’s a potential backfire. But that’s the nature of a gamble

I’m just saying that it only works in pubs. Do that in a competitive game, the other team is going to annihilate your short handed team in lane and just drop your sentry. It’s a bad habit to get into because against anything resembling a good coordinated team you will screw your teammates over.

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