Backdooring In Battleborn

If you don’t know what backdooring is. Backdooring is when you do an objective behind the players front line. High damage player or mobile can pick people off or objective. Is backdooring a gamechanger or not.

It can alter the flow of the game, yes.

I thought it was ‘ninjaing’.


I played a game called Smite and its called backdooring.

I know ninjaing more as the act of stealing loot from your teammates.
Backdooring should be no problem here because the only mode where you can bypass some kind of front has no helpless buildings to kill but big ass robots that kill you if you don’t have minions to tank.

I always heard that referred to as ninja looting.

You can definitely backdoor, because battleborn can, and do, break the sentry’s shield themselves. No minions actually required, though they are nice to distract the sentry.

In a game like this, backdooring should be a high-risk, low-reward strategy your team would only use as a Hail Mary at the last minute. It should not be a viable secondary strategy to winning the game. It is up to the devs to create an environment where backdooring seems like a really bad idea to the attacking team, so that the players come to the conclusion themselves that “I should not be doing this. This is a bad idea.”

I think the idea is that if you try to go one on one with the sentry, you will lose pretty badly.

In the technical test Marquee could back door enemy towers from his side of the map rather safely. It was silly. It is a concern. The towers were also rather useless at killing minions which was also a concern. This was not on the 3 lane( more moba map, it was the grinder one).

Only stealth units should, and really can. Marq sniping is not back dooring, it’s just sniping. OM stealing your thralls and crystals is backdooring. It won’t win you the game, and is easily countered. You just have to pay attention. It’s no different than any other form of cheese, (cheap tricks that can win, but can be countered as well so aren’t a balance issue) you just have to adjust.
Example, cannon rushing in SC (dunno if anyone is an rts fan here). Translation, you build turrets around the enemy base and kill their workers super fast. Solution? Scouting - you get map visibility so they actually lose resources trying a cheap trick like that.