Backdooring need to be nerfed

I saw the most dirtiest thing playing Battleborn. Miko throw his ult and kleese use his energy rifts. I would like it when attacking the setry you get a debuff of no health regeneration and no shield gaining of any sort. Also at the last sentry on Overgrowth is the most easy part of the whole map for only ranged.

I’ve actually had a Kleese/Benedict duo backdoor a sentry as well. I had never seen that before until the other day. Crazy stuff.

I do it all the time ISIC can do it too

Really? How do you go about that with ISIC, I’m curious?

Backdooring is currently the only reasonable way to comeback in Incursion. Nerfing it would reasult in more frequent boring stomps. You just have to be aware of your map and not let the opponent make these plays.

Backdooring is fine because you are still revealed on minimap and any awareness will reveal them. They have to go behind your lines, as opposed to sniper cheese from the comfort of home base.