Backdooring solutions : UI Changes

Just a few thoughts to help combat the complaints about backdooring incursion sentries, without removing the tactic entirely.

First, add the sentries Shield to the UI, along with their health. There are so many false positives, and while those should be addressed separately, displaying the current shield level seems useful for many reasons; gauging a real back door attempt vs false positives is certainly one.

Secondly, minimap display. Anyone who attacks a sentry should automatically display on the minimap for 3(?) seconds (refreshing with each attack)

This would still let people try and back-door a sentry, while giving teams the information they need to respond appropriately.

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i think thats the best solution to that ive seen yet.

That’s a pretty interesting and good solution.

Glad you like it.

My completely unfounded hunch is that backdooring really isn’t the crux of most peoples frustrations, but rather the “boy who cried wolf” nature of current warnings.

“Our sentry is under attack” … Checking … Nope

“Our sentry is besieged” … Checking… Nothing.

“Silence” … A sentry is offline … WTF

The UI elements I described should let people know when the sentry is really under attack, and take the necessary actions, without wasting time on false alarms.

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