Backdraft is OP?

So it actually killing people. 10kk from one proc with +30% Bone of the Antients its not a joke.

And I have 2 videos with using Backdraft on OP8 with lvl 50 gear

What do you think about it?

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I fully approve of this buff. It actually gives you a option to put your skill points somewhere, where they actively help you. Before the patch Backdraft was useless. Same goes for Cloud Kill.

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I wouldn’t say its op, when you get up in levels it can kill but only with niche builds based totally around buffing it and even at that its taking out mobs not bosses.

Don’t get me wrong I like the buff, but at level 50 everything is OP.

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I don’t use it at 50 lvl, my gear is 30-50 but I use it on OP8

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I see you are doing @Exotek carpet bombing setup

Yeah in this set up its pretty great, out side of it its still better but not amazing.

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Backdraft is just right, I think. It was nice before when working with Life Tap and the occasional final blow to polish off a weak enemy, but I have seen it popping healthy chumps lately. It was already built in to how I roll with my Tediore build… now she’s at liberty to be a little more aggressive.

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Yep, it is. Thnx for linking videos here @Derch


I think that 2 and 3 skill trees will be better, test it on Magic Slaughter, it was better, that 1-3. And I found another trick - to deal BIG dmg you also need Rocketeer

Have you found out all that stuff by yourself? Or you have seen it on youtube

Found it with my friends Nemo and SuddenDeathMode

Well, SuddenDeathMode was on my channel, he even subscribed, i dunno, this is something ive posted like almost 2 year ago. Hijacking it like this is not cool at all.

Yeah, it’s not a new idea, I didn’t told that. But after patch this build became much more powerful and u can kill enemies with low lvl loot without any problems. And I don’t see this build after patch, so i deside to post it

Oh it is posted, ive just made a placeholder because im working on multiple things atm. Here is the link along with original post from the old forums, [WIP BUILD | GUIDE] How to get the most out of Backdraft,
after patch video included as well.
Also, you are losing shield strip utility with low level gear, trust me ive used it as well. Idea was to inflict less damage to yourself, but… if you know this concept as much as I DO, you can do it without harming yourself at all. Just check the very beginning of my own OP8 video.

Thanks, I watch it later. Have you tried a Rocketeer? He has much higher fire rate, but without Life Tap with op8 gear you can kill yourself

Yes I did, ive tried all weapons with splash damage and nothing comes close to slow hand. The reason for that is that you can have x3 orbs on it and it heals you, while rocketeer haves none of that.

here is the video again, check the first few seconds and see what im talking about.

and no you dont need Life Tap at all.

The only video I watched on your channel was the [Auto-Heal tank build] /w Axton.
This Backdraft-abusing madness was brought to me through this one ( ), I believe. Thought that build can be upgraded by rocketeer’s fire rate for some reason. And it DID increase the damage output, but survivability suffered alot.

Yeah, Nuu was the first one to use transformer and bd, but he never done anything more than that. I was the one who fully explored backdraft potentional. You can see that by my guide ive posted here, it is like year and a half old.

Just getting back to BL franchise after being just done with it for lack of changes and other things. Hella cool to see people have continued using what I found a while ago! People would always ask about OP level 8 & it always bothered me it wasn’t completely viable, but now it looks like it is :slight_smile: amazing. Guess I’ll have to make a new vid sometime.


Welcome back nuu, its been awhile.

Thanks man :slight_smile: definitely plan on making more vids and got some special ones planned :wink: quick question. Not sure if misplaced but has immolate or Helios been buffed? Is there a thread with detailed buffs to her tree?